Curating the Curious podcast

Curating the Curious

LeAnna Azzolini

Welcome to Curating the Curious, the podcast that celebrates staying curious and creative in life and never settling into a box. We expand our lives through curiosity. One of my greatest passions is finding ways to encourage and inspire other creatives to keep pushing, sharing and making things for the world to see. Hosted by a jack-of-all-trades: former inner-city elementary teacher, television actress, LA realtor, wine slinger, waitress, salesperson, family photographer, and forever student of life…me! LeAnna Azzolini. Join me as I introduce you to some of the most curious (and creative) people I've met along the way throughout my many past lives. Each person that I've chosen to sit down and talk to has affected me on a deeper level. Not only do they create amazing art, but they're out in the world, making waves, living authentic lives, and expressing their unique gifts. Get ready to be moved and inspired. It's time to take off on this journey and get curious together. Let's go!

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