Conversation With a Manager podcast

Conversation With a Manager

Steve King

Hi. This is Steve King, and this is Conversation with a Manager: Stories from the Frontline. Along with my colleague Betsy Hagan and our producer David Blindauer, our podcast explores the common and sometimes uncommon challenges facing today’s managers in the workplace. Our proposition is simple. Managers, particularly frontline managers, play an oversized role in the productivity of an organization and the engagement of team members. So, a manager’s successful performance makes a ton of difference. We are defining managers as anyone with responsibilities to look after the performance of others. It is an evolving role … impacted by new technologies, hybrid work arrangements, and generational differences. While some might find the notion of management a bit old fashion, it remains and integral part of the business landscape. There are plenty of managers out there and plenty of new ones every day. This is a podcast for managers, by managers. Betsy and I have over fifty years of experience as managers between us. We have written extensively on the topic of management, and we have taught literally thousands of managers in classroom, online, and seminar settings. And I can assure you we have learned as much in those settings from managers as we have shared. In each episode we will visit with a successful manager we have met and hear their stories and the lessons they have learned from their years of experience. We expect you’ll find their stories and insights useful and applicable right away back on the job. We intend to keep the podcast short and sweet, around 20 minutes, so you can fit them into your commute, lunch break, or while you’re making dinner. So, please join us in a … conversation with a manager.

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