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Complete Curiosity

Dr Alan Watkins

Ever wondered why? Ever thought there has to be more to it than this? Ever asked what is really going on here? Ever imagined that you could do better yourself? If you are curious or in search of some answers then subscribe to this podcast from Dr Alan Watkins who asks the questions for you and more importantly offer some real answers that join the dots and turn the lights on.

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  • Complete Curiosity podcast

    Do you need youth or experience to go further, faster


    Millennials are now the largest group in most workforces but they have a very different view of life than Gen X or Baby boomers. They are even quite different from Gen Z. In the chaos of today many companies are wondering how to go further, faster. To do so do we need the youth of Millennials or the experience of boomers? This webinar will explore the relationship between enthusiasm and experience to evolution and execution.
  • Complete Curiosity podcast

    Live your life on purpose


    Join Dr Alan Watkins and Katie Ledger as they discuss living with passion. When the world is changing so fast how do we not get lost in the chaos? How do we maintain a sense of meaning and continue to live with authenticity and integrity? This episode will explore how we discover our personal purpose, our bliss - and how we can live large and with passion even when we may be at home.
  • Complete Curiosity podcast

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  • Complete Curiosity podcast

    If I could turn back time!


    In times of crisis, leaders need boundless energy to get through the workload and invigorate their organisations. But how do you increase energy levels when you are exhausted by a punishing schedule, huge amounts of operational challenges and growth pressure? This webinar will explain how to regain the energy levels you had ten years ago and how you can accurately quantify your energy levels to know you are doing OK
  • Complete Curiosity podcast

    Innovation Sucks


    Join Dr Alan Watkins and Katie Ledger as they explore what it takes to be truly innovative.
  • Complete Curiosity podcast

    Magic of the Mind: understanding the magic enables you to go further, faster


    Katie Ledger and Dr Alan Watkins explore mindfulness, mindlessness, and the evolution of human consciousness.
  • Complete Curiosity podcast

    Become an activist to make a difference not just make a statment


    Join Dr Alan Watkins and Katie Ledger as they discuss how and why we all need to become activist to truly make a difference. Register to our Webinar here: Watch Dan Pallotta's Ted talk here:
  • Complete Curiosity podcast

    Alex Rocha, CEO of ITP discussses his journey from bytes to bodies


    Join Dr Alan Watkins as he chats with Alex Rocha, the CEO of ITP people-centric tech company, about his career and how curiosity helped him switch his focus from engineering to human development.
  • Complete Curiosity podcast

    Catherine Lynch, ex CPO at Virgin Media on the future of HR


    Join Dr Alan Watkins as he chats with Catherine Lynch, the ex CPO at Virgin Media, about her career, what lessons she has learnt and how HR needs to change in the future
  • Complete Curiosity podcast

    COVID changes lives - new horizons


    Join Dr Alan Watkins and Katie Ledger as they explore the 12 ways in which COVID-19 will change our lives in the future.
  • Complete Curiosity podcast

    Community, Culture and Collaboration


    Join Dr Alan Watkins and Katie Ledger as they explore why human beings are collaborative by nature and how we can change relationships inside our communities and companies.

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