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Change Is Good


This podcast focuses on living a more self-aware, intuitive and intentional life as a young adult. Concentrating on the most important thing in life- being happy. Change is good embraces the good and the bad in order to design your best life. We talk all things planning, organization and motivation

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  • Change Is Good podcast

    How to Actually Achieve Your Goals In 2021


    @Girlgottachange- Instagram Use the code 'Changeisgood' for 10% OFF your new planner. This episode is about all things goals and motivation- how to stick to your goals this 2021. 
  • Change Is Good podcast

    Let's Talk About Racism In Ireland ft.YayaHranda


    Today we are talking about Racism in Ireland in schools, sport, and the country as a whole. We need to have these important, uncomfortable conversations. Let us get educated together. Follow Yaya @Yayahhranda on IG Youtube: Yaya&G Alicia- @therealagx @girlgottachange Youtube: Alicialou
  • Change Is Good podcast

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  • Change Is Good podcast

    Life Update: Corona, new product, love and plans


    Pre-order our brand new bullet journal here: Follow us on Instagram: @girlgottachange @therealagx All things life update, business, personal development, and more. Tune in every Monday
  • Change Is Good podcast

    5 Things That Have Improved My Quality Of Life


    'CHANGEISGOOD' for 10% off your design your best life undated daily planner ( Today's episode is all about the quality of life and the top 5 things that have made my life better, easier and overall happier! 
  • Change Is Good podcast

    My 2020 New Year's Resolutions/Goals/Habits


    'CHANGEISGOOD' for 10% Off your 'Design Your Best Life Planner. Youtube- AliciaLou Instagram- @Girlgottachange @therealagx Today I share with you my New Year's resolutions and reflect on last years (spoiler: i kinda failed). Set your goals and lets do 2020!
  • Change Is Good podcast

    How to set your day up for success


    In today's episode, I share how I set my day up for success! How I define success, how to be productive and how to overall be happy with your life. Buy my planner: Follow me: @therealagx @girlgottachange Youtube- Alicialou
  • Change Is Good podcast

    Life Update- Moving back to Ireland + My new planner business


    Welcome back!n In Today's episode I reveal what has been happening the past month and why I am returning back home to Ireland for good. I also talk about my new online planner business and how I set it up.  Buy your 'design your best life' planner here: Instagram: @girlgottachange @therealagx Youtube- Alicialou
  • Change Is Good podcast

    The secret to POSITIVITY + life update


    In todays episode, I share with you the secret to positivity and happiness by digging deeper into what makes a situation "positive". I reflect on my recent trip to Brussels and share a life update from being scammed into a job to now getting a new job-my feelings on that.  Tarot card of the week: Ace of Cups- Abundance and flow of love for all. Youtube- Alicialou Instagram- @therealagx @GirlGottaChange (product coming soon)
  • Change Is Good podcast

    Adulting 101


    New episodes every Monday! Today Alicia dives into her first episode on adulting and getting your life together! From finances (budgeting + Spending) to hacks on living alone and keeping track of your life.  Instagram - @therealagx @girlgottachange Youtube- Alicialou
  • Change Is Good podcast

    How I balance it all w/ Work, Relationships, college, family


    Today Alicia dives into the stressful topic of balancing life and all your tasks along with all the people in your life! Tips and personal experiences are shared with some more general help as well! -work, college, relationships, social life, family, hobbies and me-time are all factors we have to consider on a daily basis! Youtube- Alicialou Instagram- @therealagx @girlgottachange

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