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Broad Reach Radio - The Yachting New Zealand Podcast


Your weekly dose of interviews with people in the New Zealand sailing community from top sailors of today and yesteryear to those working in the sailing and boating industries.

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  • Broad Reach Radio - The Yachting New Zealand Podcast podcast

    Ep 38 - Leah Fanstone and Keryn McMaster


    Leah Fanstone (nee Newbold) and Keryn McMaster were trailblazers for New Zealand women’s offshore sailing in the 1990s. The pair notched up two laps each around the globe in the Whitbread Round the World Race, once together on the all-women’s crew on board EF Education, and they tell their stories from those epic races in this episode of Broad Reach Radio. None of those circumnavigations were particularly easy, as they battled a catalogue of bad luck, breakages and broken promises, not to mention old-fashioned attitudes, but they made a big statement for women’s sailing. Leah and Keryn have so many memorable stories from those races and talk about everything from mutinies and swimming in the Southern Ocean to haul sails back on board to messages from the American first lady and getting smothered by rotten fish. They also delved into various important topics around women’s sailing including how female sailors can get noticed as well as last week’s news that women’s teams will be involved in the next America’s Cup.
  • Broad Reach Radio - The Yachting New Zealand Podcast podcast

    Ep 37 - Chris Bouzaid


    Chris Bouzaid has been called the father of New Zealand international keelboat yachting who inspired the likes of Sir Peter Blake and Grant Dalton. He was the first non-Australian to win the Sydney-Hobart Race, first non-European to win the One Ton Cup which, in those days, sat only behind the America’s Cup in terms of importance, and was part of the New Zealand team that finished 1, 2, 3 at the 1971 Sydney-Hobart Race, something that had never been done before, and which saw New Zealand claim the Southern Cross Cup. These achievements saw Chris named New Zealand sportsman of the year in 1969, and he was also inducted into the New Zealand sports hall of fame, awarded an MBE and listed as one of New Zealand’s sportsmen of the 20th century. But Chris considers himself more of a businessman than a top yachtie and also ran one of the world’s biggest sail making businesses. It was something he was thrust into early in life, taking over his dad’s business with his brother when only a teenager, but he recognised the importance of marketing and did a lot of this through his yachting exploits. We traverse a lot of Chris Bouzaid’s career on and off the water in this podcast and the part he played in awakening New Zealand’s passion for international yachting. He tells the story of the day he shared the front page with the moon landing, how he won 121 races with his famous yacht Rainbow II, the impact hosting the 1971 One Ton Cup had on this country and the embarrassing, but scary, tale of his worst wipeout ever.
  • Broad Reach Radio - The Yachting New Zealand Podcast podcast

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  • Broad Reach Radio - The Yachting New Zealand Podcast podcast

    Ep 36 - Paul Snow-Hansen and Dan Willcox


    Finishing fourth at an Olympic Games is one of the hardest things for any athlete to go through and, unfortunately, it’s what happened to Paul Snow-Hansen and Dan Willcox at the recent Tokyo Olympics. What made it even more emotional was the fact the medal race was probably the last time the pair will sail a 470 competitively together with the class going to a mixed format for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Paul and Dan are presently in MIQ in Christchurch but Broad Reach Radio caught up with them just before they left Enoshima, the sailing venue for the Games. They reflected on that Olympic campaign as well as the nine years they had been sailing together. But their association goes back way further than that, to the time they competed against each other as young Opti sailors and went to junior world championships as teammates. Paul and Dan have some good stories to tell, like the time they scrambled to get out of Spain as Covid-19 took a hold on the world and how their Rio Olympics was scuppered by illness but they also give a good insight into what it’s like being an Olympic sailor and the impact it has on loved ones. And, of course, they tell the stories of their worst wipeouts ever.
  • Broad Reach Radio - The Yachting New Zealand Podcast podcast

    Ep 35 - Tom Ashley


    The Olympics have played a large part in Tom Ashley’s life, firstly as a competitor and Olympic gold medallist, then as an international coach and now as a CEO of a national sporting organisation with high hopes of success in Tokyo. In this episode of Broad Reach Radio, we talk to Tom about the many layers to his journey, from growing up in the sport at a time of remarkable success in this country and his non-conventional approaches to training to achieving his lifelong goal and then rather stumbling into coaching in a vastly different environment to the one he was used to. Tom also talks about how he got into sports administration and his plans for the future and offers his thoughts on what athletes can expect at the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. Tom Ashley is articulate, thoughtful and engaging and has a really good recall of details, which all come across in this podcast.
  • Broad Reach Radio - The Yachting New Zealand Podcast podcast

    Ep 34 - John Cutler


    Few people have done as much in sailing as John Cutler. He’s been involved in five America’s Cups and will next month go to his fifth Olympics – he came home from his first in 1988 with a medal – and is also a multiple world champion and Admiral's Cup winner. On top of that, John has been a professional sailor for more than 30 years, and also been heavily involved as a coach and official. John talks about his journey, from lanky teenager who discovered the sport after moving to New Zealand to his place now as an elder statesman, and most things in between. He never really thought you could make a career out of sailing, and still wonders how he has in an industry he’s labelled as precarious because of its ruthlessness, politics and egos. John is well liked and well respected and offers a good perspective on the sport and his place in it in this podcast. 
  • Broad Reach Radio - The Yachting New Zealand Podcast podcast

    Ep 33 - Suzanne McFadden


    Suzanne McFadden has been instrumental in the upsurge in coverage of women's sport in this country and was recently named New Zealand sport journalist of the year. She's also had a long association with sailing, having reported on the sport since the early 1990s. Suzanne writes almost exclusively about women’s sport these days, and talks in this podcast about a range of topics from quotas in professional sailing to the dangers of an unhealthy lifestyle for top athletes and what more can be done to shine a light on females. She also dives into a number of stories from reporting on sailing, like the time Team New Zealand tried to influence her, how Peter Blake became synonymous with red socks, her run-in with Chris Dickson and the story behind the split in Team New Zealand in the early 2000s.
  • Broad Reach Radio - The Yachting New Zealand Podcast podcast

    Ep 32 - Tim Dempsey and Brendan Tourelle


    Thousands of people with disabilities go sailing every year and it’s a side of our sport that is growing all the time as people experience a level of freedom and control that can be hard for them to find elsewhere in life. Tim Dempsey and Brendan Tourelle both play major roles in Sailability, the name given to sailing for people with disabilities, and talk in this podcast about who can participate, the technology used, where the sport can take them and what it is even like to get out on the water. Both Tim and Brendan bring plenty of their own experiences, given both are confined to wheelchairs, and tell their vastly different but powerful stories. They also delve into some of their experiences on the international circuit, including Tim’s journey to the 2012 London Paralympics, what the racing scene is like in this country and the chances of sailing being included again on the programme for the Paralympics. Tim and Brendan were open and honest in this podcast but mostly enthusiastic about the possibilities for people with disabilities to get involved in sailing. If you haven’t seen Sailability in action, it can be very inspiring and they’re always looking for more people to get involved.
  • Broad Reach Radio - The Yachting New Zealand Podcast podcast

    Ep 31 - Peter Montgomery


    Peter Montgomery has the most recognisable voice in world sailing and is known colloquially as the Voice of the America’s Cup, having commentated the last 13 editions of the Auld Mug. But he’s much more than that having also been involved in the broadcast of all 13 round the world races and the last 10 Olympic Games, not to mention countless All Blacks tests and weekend sports shows. Peter delves into some of the highlights of his 51-year broadcasting career, how he stumbled into the industry, how he pioneered many of the approaches to modern broadcasting and his relationship with a mythical little old lady with blue rinse hair from Riverton. He also talks about the story behind one of the most recognisable pieces of New Zealand sporting commentary, the time Dennis Conner labelled Team New Zealand cheats, what made Sir Peter Blake tick and how Team Zealand wouldn’t have won the 1995 America’s Cup without him, and his take on his sometimes frosty relationship with Grant Dalton. On a more personal level, he opens up about one episode in his life he’s not altogether proud about, namely his reaction to being told he had cancer. Peter is full of stories, and has an incredible recall for details and dates. He's one of the special characters whose influence goes well beyond sailing because he's had an enduring impact on sport in general and New Zealand broadcasting.
  • Broad Reach Radio - The Yachting New Zealand Podcast podcast

    Ep 30 - Rosie Chapman


    Statistics show the number of females who belong to yachting and boating clubs in this country drops from about 30 percent at youth level to 20 percent at senior level. This is something clubs and Yachting New Zealand are trying to address and leading a lot of the work in this area is Rosie Chapman. Rosie is the women’s sailing manager and Laser Radial coach at Yachting New Zealand and is focused on attracting more female participants, retaining those already sailing and also advancing equal opportunities. We talk about a range of things in this podcast from quotas and gender equity at the high performance level to pathways and obstacles. But we also discuss important topics like menstruation and body image and what needs to be done to cater more to the needs of female sailors. Rosie also talks about her journey from high performance sailor to coach and how this has affected her outlook and opens up about some of the struggles she’s faced. This was a really good discussion about some important issues and it would be useful for any young sailors, both female and male, and their parents and coaches to have a listen.
  • Broad Reach Radio - The Yachting New Zealand Podcast podcast

    Ep 29 - Max Sirena


    Max Sirena is an America’s Cup survivor, having done seven campaigns with various teams, but he has a burning desire to win the America’s Cup with an Italian team. He got close recently, taking Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli to the America’s Cup match, but ultimately came up short against Emirates Team New Zealand. The team boss dissects Luna Rossa’s campaign in this podcast - the dual helmsman strategy, their top speed, the pivotal race eight when they led by nearly nine minutes only to lose and what happened for his relationship with Emirates Team New Zealand to break down. But we also delve into what happens next, like Max’s future with Luna Rossa and the America’s Cup, his thoughts on where and when the next one will be and the impact some of the new rules will have on other teams.

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