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Biz Buds

Tom Ross and Mike Janda

Biz Buds is value-packed weekly discussion from successful creative entrepreneurs Mike Janda and Tom Ross. They share their journeys from struggling freelancers to both running multi 7-figure businesses, and the lessons picked up along the way.

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  • Biz Buds podcast

    Episode 63: Taking a Break


    In this week's episode, Mike and Tom will discuss all about taking a break. Sometimes it's good to step back and just take a break... Sometimes this is much needed to recharge your batteries so you can improve your business and content.
  • Biz Buds podcast

    Episode 62: Haters Gonna Hate


    In this week's episode, Mike and Tom talk about haters. How do you deal with them and should you really give them much importance?
  • Biz Buds podcast

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  • Biz Buds podcast

    Episode 61: Tracking Your Business Data


    This week Tom and Mike are talking all about tracking your business data. This has the potential to be a transformational episode for your business as they'll discuss how important this subject is.
  • Biz Buds podcast

    Episode 60: How to Focus Your Business


    In today's episode, Mike and Tom are dropping some really value bombs on this topic. You can look at focus in many ways, and today we'll dig into them.
  • Biz Buds podcast

    Episode 59: Luck and Success in Business


    In this week's episode, Tom and Mike are diving into this subject and how a lot of people blame the success of people on luck. They'll be discussing how you can actually create your own luck to achieve success. 
  • Biz Buds podcast

    Episode 58: Working Smart vs. Working Hard


    In today's episode, Mike and Tom are talking all about working hard and working smart. It's usual to start your career working hard but as you go further, you should aim to be working smarter.
  • Biz Buds podcast

    Episode 57: Finding Your Passion


    In today's episode, Mike and Tom are chatting all about how to find your passion. A lot of people struggle to find that thing they are passionate about in life... Our Biz Buds will give you some tips on how to achieve this.
  • Biz Buds podcast

    Episode 56: Marketing Mix


    Tom and Mike are talking all about marketing mix today. Where does this idea come from? They are diving into it and they will also discuss about the 4 P's of marketing. 
  • Biz Buds podcast

    Episode 55: Our Biggest Failures


    In today's episode, Tom and Mike are sharing the biggest failures of their careers. Everybody goes through them and it's important to learn from them.
  • Biz Buds podcast

    Episode 54: How to Say No


    Mike and Tom are back today talking all about how to say no to your clients. A crucial and very important skill when it comes to the world of business.

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