Bitcoiners - Live From Bitcoin Beach podcast

Bitcoiners - Live From Bitcoin Beach

Mike Peterson

Live From Bitcoin Beach! This channel is an opportunity to showcase the thoughts and views of Bitcoiners coming through El Zonte, El Salvador.

Also known as Bitcoin Beach, this location is ground zero of the Bitcoin and Orange Pill revolution sweeping the nation since President Nayib Bukele made Bitcoin legal tender.

We showcase the bustling Salvadoran Bitcoin community, thriving day-to-day using BTC as actual money.

From local Bitcoiners to to well-known figures like Giacomo Zucco of Plan B Network, Francis Pouliot of Bull Bitcoin, Robert Breedlove of the What Is Money Show, Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert, Greg Foss of Looking Glass Education, Dr. Jack Kruse of Kruse Longevity Center, and many others, we'll provide an insider's perspective on how Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador is reshaping the landscape locally and globally.

We will also be discussing practical tips for those considering moving to El Salvador.

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