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Your Past, Present, And Future (Philippians, Wk. 6)

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Your future IS better than your past. There IS hope on the horizon. That’s the message of the Apostle Paul in Philippians 3, when he talks about “pressing on” toward an encouraging future – no matter how bad your past has been. Click to listen to our latest study in the Book of Philippians.

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    Consider The Source: Who Are You Listening To?


    Everyone is someone’s disciple. Someone is teaching you. Someone is attempting to remake you in their image. The question is: who? As a Christian, you need to consider the sources that are instructing you and your children (from church to the media to schooling). Not everyone can be right about the big questions in life, … Continue reading Consider The Source: Who Are You Listening To? →
  • Bible Study podcast

    The Reformation: I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel


    Don’t do it. Don’t water down the Gospel. Don’t pander to sinners. Don’t appease goats and starve sheep. Don’t let people die on your watch. Tell people the truth! In Romans 1, the Apostle Paul said “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.” We shouldn’t be either. Click to listen to this … Continue reading The Reformation: I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel →
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  • Bible Study podcast

    Remember Your History (The Future Depends On It)


    Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it. If a church or an individual repeats silly, stupid or sinful decisions of the past, then they are like a dog that returns to its own vomit – and they pay the price. Click to listen to this timely sermon from Psalm 78.
  • Bible Study podcast

    Depressed? Remember, You Matter To God!


    Are you depressed? Are you beaten down? Do you wonder where God is in the middle of your hurts? Then here’s some encouragement: God is near, and He cares. In Psalm 139, we see that although we travel through some dark valleys, we’re never alone. God is with us and has ordained good on our … Continue reading Depressed? Remember, You Matter To God! →
  • Bible Study podcast

    The Renewal Of The Futile Mind


    The human mind is capable of great things! It is better than any computer; impressive in its ways. However, it is also riddled by sin. It forgets. It is selective in what it believes. It desperately needs to be “renewed.” Click to listen to this sermon from Romans 12.
  • Bible Study podcast

    Pandemics & Hurricanes: The Groaning Of Creation


    Pandemics, hurricanes, earthquakes – these things SCREAM at us that the world is BROKEN. But why is that? And if it’s broken, how did it happen, and when will it be fixed? Click for this encouraging sermon from Romans 8.
  • Bible Study podcast

    The Stoning Of Stephen


    Stephen told people the truth. And they killed him for it. The story of Stephen (in Acts 7) is typical in Scripture – a faithful man tells people the truth, and they respond by killing him. But why? Why this ferocity? Why this anger? What did Stephen say that made them stone this gentle, loving … Continue reading The Stoning Of Stephen →
  • Bible Study podcast

    The Thoughts That You Think (Phillippians, Wk. 9)


    What do you tend to think about? Do you think good thoughts, or bad ones? Do you focus on good things, or bad things? The focus of your thoughts will direct your future. That is the Apostle Paul’s warning in today’s text in Philippians 4.
  • Bible Study podcast

    Stand Fast In The Lord (Philippians, Wk. 8)


    Will you stand tall if you face opposition? Standing is easy when there are no forces acting against you. It is harder when you are being pushed or pulled contrary to your will. Click to listen to Week 8 in our study of Philippians.
  • Bible Study podcast

    Citizens Of Heaven (Philippians, Wk. 7)


    This world is NOT your home. You may think it is – but in the larger scheme of things, it is absolutely not. It is a short stay. It is a temporary pit-stop on an eternal highway. Click to listen to this reminder that the Christian’s “citizenship” is in Heaven.

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