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The Renewal Of The Futile Mind

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The human mind is capable of great things! It is better than any computer; impressive in its ways. However, it is also riddled by sin. It forgets. It is selective in what it believes. It desperately needs to be “renewed.” Click to listen to this sermon from Romans 12.

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    Walking On Water: When Life’s Waves Crash Down


    When the storm hit, the sailors were exactly where Jesus had told them to go. But how can that be if He loved them so much? Storms happen. And sometimes God puts you right in their midst. But He does not leave you alone! Click to listen to this encouraging study of Matthew 14.
  • Bible Study podcast

    A New Year And An Old Promise


    What makes you HAPPY? If you’re only happy when your circumstances are great, then prepare to be unhappy a lot. But what if your happiness is vested in something else? Click to learn more.
  • Bible Study podcast

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  • Bible Study podcast

    The Poor, The Broken, And The Down And Out


    It is easy to become JADED toward the needs of others. It is also WRONG. From one end of Scripture to the other, God’s love for the poor, broken and hurting is always on display. As Christians, we should reflect that love. In this sermon we discuss how.
  • Bible Study podcast

    O Little Town Of Bethlehem (Micah’s Prophecy)


    The prophets spoke. The people didn’t listen. For centuries, the people had ignored the prophets. But the prophets were consistently right. And Micah was definitely right about this – a KING was coming, to be born in BETHLEHEM. And that King would change the world.
  • Bible Study podcast

    How Majestic Is Your Name, O Lord


    The Jews stopped saying God’s name in the 5th century BC. Why? There are a lot of reasons for this. Among them was that God’s name is holy and not to be taken lightly. So how do we approach His name now? Click to learn more about the “name” of God.
  • Bible Study podcast

    One Came Back – But The Others Did Not


    Ten men stood on the edge of town. They were broken. They were desperate. And then the most amazing thing happened – their greatest desires were fulfilled! But what happened next? How did they respond? Click to learn more.
  • Bible Study podcast

    Tear Down Your High Places


    You’re making progress. Good. But there is some issue in your life that you haven’t addressed – some issue that you have been unwilling to deal with. Some sin that you’re letting hang on. In Judah, there were a number of good kings. But even the good kings did not take down the “high places” … Continue reading Tear Down Your High Places →
  • Bible Study podcast

    Consider The Source: Who Are You Listening To?


    Everyone is someone’s disciple. Someone is teaching you. Someone is attempting to remake you in their image. The question is: who? As a Christian, you need to consider the sources that are instructing you and your children (from church to the media to schooling). Not everyone can be right about the big questions in life, … Continue reading Consider The Source: Who Are You Listening To? →
  • Bible Study podcast

    The Reformation: I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel


    Don’t do it. Don’t water down the Gospel. Don’t pander to sinners. Don’t appease goats and starve sheep. Don’t let people die on your watch. Tell people the truth! In Romans 1, the Apostle Paul said “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.” We shouldn’t be either. Click to listen to this … Continue reading The Reformation: I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel →
  • Bible Study podcast

    Remember Your History (The Future Depends On It)


    Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it. If a church or an individual repeats silly, stupid or sinful decisions of the past, then they are like a dog that returns to its own vomit – and they pay the price. Click to listen to this timely sermon from Psalm 78.

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