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EP19 – Changing the Dialogue | Black History Month Edition

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Bain alums, Ali Evans, a VP and technology investor at Francisco Partners, and Anjarae  Hamilton, head of apparel at Faire, share their thoughts and experiences of creating a space at Bain to discuss the social and racial unrest in the US and its impact. You’ll also learn more about them—their experience working here, being part of the Blacks at Bain community, and their impressive career journeys.

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    EP31 - ESG Investing: How Bain is Strategizing Sustainability for Clients


    Christophe De Vusser, a partner in our Brussels office and the head of our EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) private equity practice, joined Bain after leaving his purchasing and strategic sourcing career at Proctor and Gamble (P&G). Seeking more opportunity that Bain could offer, Christophe found himself enjoying work in the private equity practice, strongly focusing on environmental, social and governance work (ESG). Christophe shares why investors are being more thoughtful about ESG and how Bain is a leader in incorporating sustainability within the private equity space.
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    EP30 - Trained Leaders: Why Bain Values Our Veterans


    Kelly Boone Swaintek, a partner in our Austin office, transitioned to a career in consulting after serving in the U.S. Army. Knowing firsthand the challenges veterans face reentering civilian life and the workforce, Kelly has made it her mission to support veteran Bainies transition from one career to the next as well as advocate recruiting them and their talents to Bain.
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  • Beyond the Bio podcast

    EP29 - Industry Leaders: Spotlighting Our Private Equity Practice


    Anita Cohen and Andrew Kunkel, partners in our Chicago office, didn’t plan on specializing in private equity, but once they were exposed to the world of fast-paced cases and non-standard approaches to problem-solving, they fell in love with the work. Anita and Andrew share their journeys into private equity and PEG, our private equity group, and explain why Bain is the leader in this industry.
  • Beyond the Bio podcast

    EP28 - Growing Our Communities: Creating Inclusivity at Bain


    João Soares, a partner in our London office and the global head of BGLAD, Bain’s LGBTQ network, shares how he not only transformed his career, but Bain’s approach on creating inclusive communities. *This episode was recorded in June 2021 during PRIDE month. 
  • Beyond the Bio podcast

    EP27- Have it Your Way: Creating a Sustainable and Successful Career at Bain


    Kiki Yang, a partner in our Hong Kong office and the leader of our Asia-Pacific Private Equity practice, shares how Bain has provided flexible opportunities and support for her to create a sustainable and successful career after pivoting from investment banking to consulting.
  • Beyond the Bio podcast

    EP26 - Looking FRWD: The Power of a Digital Marketing Strategist


    Pete Forsberg, Chief Operating Officer of our digital marketing agency, FRWD (pronounced “forward”), discusses his journey into disruptive technology and bringing his experience at Uber back to Bain through the FRWD acquisition in 2018 to lead operations in the digital marketing space.
  • Beyond the Bio podcast

    EP25 –Thriving in Consulting as an Advanced Degree Candidate


    Guest host Sharad Apte, a senior partner and head of APAC recruiting, speaks with Kate Liu, a senior manager in our Shanghai office, to discuss her journey from getting her PhD in applied economics to eventually becoming a consultant at Bain. They dive deeper into her fascinating PhD dissertation on using pitching in baseball as a way to gain insights on global warming, why consulting is a particularly good route for advanced degree candidates, and her exciting casework within Bain’s private equity, consumer product, and digital delivery practices
  • Beyond the Bio podcast

    EP24 – A Twisting Career Path: Leveraging a PhD in Physics to Work with Digital Natives


    Guest host Sharad Apte, a senior partner and head of APAC recruiting, speaks with Willy Chang, an associate partner based in Southeast Asia, to discuss his fascinating career path from academia to consulting. They dive deeper into his PhD on quantum computing at Harvard, how he ended up in consulting, his work at Bain in private equity and digital delivery practices, and his most recent role publishing an internet economy report with Google and Temasek.
  • Beyond the Bio podcast

    EP23 – Making the Switch: From Materials Science to Management Consulting


    Guest host Sharad Apte, a senior partner and head of APAC recruiting, speaks with Annabel Chew, a manager in our Singapore office, to discuss her journey from getting her PhD in materials science to eventually becoming a consultant at Bain. They dive deeper into her love of science from a young age, how she handled Bain’s recruiting and interview process, her exciting casework, and how her PhD helped her with Bain’s ‘answer first’ approach.
  • Beyond the Bio podcast

    EP22 – Strengthening Our Business: The Value of Experts at Bain


    Todd Sangster, an expert associate partner in our San Francisco office, and Erin Ney, an expert senior manager in our Boston office, spent part of their careers immersed in science and healthcare – Todd with a PhD in genetics and Erin as an MD and practicing physician. Before becoming experts in our healthcare practice, they spent time working across different industries and clients as general management hires at Bain. They discuss their backgrounds in science and medicine, their paths to and within Bain, and how experts at Bain add extraordinary value to both our clients and our case teams. 

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