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TER #237 - Adolescent Success, teaching the middle years - 3 Jan 2024

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Kolber’s Corner – In a feature-length Kolber’s Corner, Steven talks to Liz Benson and Debra Evans about Adolescent Success, the professional association for Australian teachers focussed on educating to the middle years of schooling. Liz Benson discusses the organisation, its history and goals, and Debra Evans delves into the issues and challenges facing students and teacher sin the middle years, and omse of the ways schools can improve to better engage and retain students during this period.


00:00:00 Opening Credits
00:01:31 Intro
00:04:17 Adolescent Success – Elizabeth Benson
00:22:32 Introduction to Deb Evans
00:24:25 Interview – Debra Evans
01:19:45 Close

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