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TER #234 - Australia's Academic Decline with Helen Georgiou and Sally Larsen - 23 Nov 2023

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Feature: Helen Georgiou and Sally Larsen discuss their independent research into standardised test results over time, and how they compare to the popular media and political narrative of constant academic decline in Australia.

Ideology in Education – Tom Mahoney considers the importance of Reflexivity in the use of data in schools.

Tom Mahoney’s The Interruption

Education in the News – Cameron discusses student perspectives on Generative Ai in education.


0:00 Opening Credits

1:31 Intro

3:06 Kolber’s Corner

6:21 Ideology in Education

15:14 Education in the News

30:05 Feature Introduction

33:48 Interview – Georgiou and Larsen

1:18:09 Patron Shout-Outs

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