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Find out how your students can contribute to NatureMapr, a huge citizen science database that fosters natural curiosity of the environment and gives everyone a real-world experience in fields such as ecology, conservation, and science! Dr Kate Crawford and Aaron Clausen drop by to go through how you can get involved.

Hosted by Ben Newsome from Fizzics Education

About NatureMapr

Citizen science is accessible to all members of the community and is an integral part of a community's understanding and responsibility for the local biodiversity. NatureMapr is an interactive medium that uses sightings made by the local community to inform council and state decision-making regarding flora and fauna in your region.

NatureMapr's mission is to empower anybody to report plant or animal information anywhere in Australia and ensure the information gets to the people that need to know about it.

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About Dr Kate Crawford

Dr Kate Crawford (Director) is a co-founder of NatureMapr and has extensive experience as a researcher, developer and facilitator. Her work is a continuing application of research and re-evaluation.

Kate works with her clients, as a catalyst, to enable them to independently build self-governing, creative, agile and adaptive communities and organisations. 

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About Aaron Clausen

Aaron is the Managing Director & Major Program Architect at at3am IT Pty Ltd and is a co-founder and Director of NatureMapr.

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Hosted by Ben Newsome from Fizzics Education

With interviews with leading science educators and STEM thought leaders, this science education podcast is about highlighting different ways of teaching kids within and beyond the classroom. It's not just about educational practice & pedagogy, it's about inspiring new ideas & challenging conventions of how students can learn about their world!

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