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Communicating science through comedy

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Delivering stand-up comedy teaches you to effectively communicate your message to a wide audience. We speak with David Cristane, Director of Future Science Talks to learn how he works with researchers to improve their storytelling skills and bring science to comedy stages around Australia.

Hosted by Ben Newsome from Fizzics Education

About Future Science Talks

Future Science Talks is Australia’s only national Science Comedy Program, in which scientists and academics master storytelling techniques and perform at major comedy festivals.  This program enhances career progression and funding opportunities for scientists.

About David Crisante

David Crisante is a communications and comedy expert who trains others on more impactful communication styles. He founded the Sydney Comedy School and Future Science Talks – which runs Australia’s only government-funded Science Comedy Program for scientists.  Each year he trains thousands of people on how to be more effective when on stage and giving presentations.  

David ran media and communication teams within science and health organisations for over five years.  Prior to this, he was in diplomacy and international crisis response for Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  He specialised in the response to MH370, the Syrian War and was a political speechwriter for the Foreign Minister.

David started his career as a journalist for seven years, where he was a reporter for the ABC and SBS, as well as an international correspondent in Tokyo for two years, where he specialised in reporting on the nuclear disaster of 2011.

In 2024, David has featured in seven festivals including the Adelaide Fringe, Sydney Comedy Festival, Brisbane Comedy Festival, Darwin Fringe, Melbourne

Hosted by Ben Newsome from Fizzics Education

With interviews with leading science educators and STEM thought leaders, this science education podcast is about highlighting different ways of teaching kids within and beyond the classroom. It's not just about educational practice & pedagogy, it's about inspiring new ideas & challenging conventions of how students can learn about their world!

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