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Tiger Oak | Deep Dive

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Today we wanted to talk about a home we dedicated to tiger oak that was in the Parade of Homes in Utah and won many awards for its beauty. We discuss the various designs and choices we went with for our client, which you can see in our portfolio on our website linked below. We chose the paint color and style before choosing the furniture or finishing, which helped guide us in deciding on how to approach these other aspects. One unique thing about this home is when you enter it, you can see all the way to the back end, which gives you a greater understanding of depth and how big the place is. In the kitchen there are two tiger oak islands, one of which was a butcher block top and the other was marble, and then we put a big service window which is such a great party trick.

About Tiger Oak and the client 2:28
The entryway 6:26
The neon sign 12:31
The parlor 14:37
The family room 18:00
The dining room 21:08
The kitchen 23:01
The pantry 29:23
The pink heron powder bath 30:44

“That’s the cool thing about color blocking. Do you know what I mean? When you’re just working with colors in general, once you figure out your color, then you have that out, and then all the other decisions can kind of help decide themselves, especially when you had the wallpaper. That was happy up there and it had so many tones to pull from.” 16:46
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  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

    7 Tips to Transform a Small Space (and Make It Seem Bigger)


    We all have a space that we want to feel roomier. These are some tricks of the trade to create the illusion of a larger space. Everybody’s had a small space before. That starter home or rented space, a dorm room, first apartment, so we have a lot of space expanding tips we want to get into today. Sue tells about what she has done with color in her own home to make the room feel larger by treating the whole room in a uniform colored manner. You’re going to use bigger things than you think you will to make your room look really generous, such as a large rug, lamp, or large art, but make sure to avoid sticking everything up on stilts as too many legs can make your room feel nervous. Color 2:51Changing the color on the ceiling 9:01Scale 12:00Lamps 19:36Mirrors 21:34Chandelier 25:21“So depending on the size of your room, like in the old days the bedrooms were 10x10, right? Nobody’s gonna have a living room this size, but I was gonna say just for the sake of this podcast we’ll say your room is 10x10, I would still get an 8x10 rug. So go big. Do not get a 5x7.” 14:16 Letter:
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

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  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

    Design to Improve Your Everyday Life | Mixing Charm and Convenience


    This is something that seems so normal in our lives as we are constantly interviewing our clientele to learn about the way the rhythm of their life goes and then design after that rhythm. We’ve had a client who had their kitchen done and everything was designed and organized according to how she operates in her kitchen, not only making everything look really nice, but it was all very neat and convenient as well. A great way to go about organizing and breaking down your space is by dividing it up into zones according to what you do, such as a place for tea, or a bar, or a place for soft drinks, whatever your ritual may be. We also did a kitchen where we put a little fridge drawer on the other side of the island in order to prevent kids from accessing the main refrigerator and getting in the way of mom while she’s preparing a meal. Recycling and waste 3:48Kitchen example 6:27Tiger Oak example 10:11Kitchens and functionality 15:07Kids kitchen functionality 17:32The party pantry 21:08“As we’ve been doing home offices like this past year, I found it really lovely to kind of place a nearby ottoman nested underneath the desks, so that whoever the client is, they can put their feet up on there, but then the ottoman can also be used for the nearby pair of chairs, you know, that are in the corner of the room.” 19:43 Letter:
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

    The Power of Organization with Sabrina | Enhance Your Interior Arrangements


    In this episode we have the pleasure of speaking with home organization guru, Sabrina Gardner, who just started a company called Salt, a customer organization company that specializes in customer acrylic drawer organizers. Sabrina has a five step process to really help people narrow down how to get started. Step 1: Go into your space and assess the space. Step 2: Assign a purpose to every drawer or cabinet. Step 3: Take everything out and start fresh. Step 4: Emotionally disconnect from everything in there and see the space with a fresh set of eyes. Get rid of clutter. Step 5: Put things back in the ideal way to utilize them in the long term and get organized. Her process and how somebody can get started 4:34Sue’s list to organize 11:03Under the kitchen sink 15:11Organizing your counter/island 20:42Dealing with surplus of inventory 24:09Maintaining organization 27:03Sabrina’s story getting started with Salt 31:39The top selling product on Salt and charity 38:27“It’s like when you guys decorate a space and how it changes it and it becomes beautiful and inviting. It’s the same thing with organization. When we organize a drawer, it becomes a joy to open. We’ve taken something frustrating and turned it into something magical.” 9:40 Letter:
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

    The Destination of Scent | An Interview with Rami Mekdachi from Lola James Harper


    Today we have Rami Mekdachi, who is the founder of Lola James Harper, our favorite scent line here at Alice Lane. We’ve been air-freighting these scents out here to sell them for the last 3 years so we can get the best fragrances to our clients. We talk about what inspires the scents Rami makes and how he is able to create custom aromas for people based on where they reside or where they have planted their own identity. Rami explains that though your body is present in whatever location you are, your mind may not be especially these days with so many distractions that surround us, but when you get smell involved, your senses and present mind will bring your mind to be present. Creating a brand that people love to be a part of 5:18Inspiring the scent 10:07How making a scent for Alice Lane would work 17:01Gifting a scent to loved ones 21:17Lola James Harper and being present 24:03Where to buy his scents and why he doesn’t have a shop 31:25Music and directing a film 34:50Favorite scent 38:45Defining luxury 40:45“I think that’s such a good lesson for all of us in this journey because I think we’re always manifesting something, or hoping for something, or goal oriented, or whatever, but it really is about where we are right this very minute on this journey, right? Because that’s being present and I think smell makes us really present.” 25:42@ramimekdachi Letter:
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

    Drapery | The Next Level


    We’ve already done an episode on drapery, but we felt like since we’ve had so many more questions on drapery recently we would go into more detail on this subject. There are different places to use different patterns and tones of saturation. We do a lot of the light linen when you’re trying to create a softness and draw less attention to those windows, kind of like nice background music. Every time we’ve done a pattern, it matches the personality of the people that live there and they love it because it just feels so them. People typically think if they have shutters, then they don’t need drapes, but shutters typically just block out light and the view, whereas drapes typically hang out on the sides to provide aesthetics. The best way to add drapery around an old school sliding glass patio door 3:24When do I use pattern on drapes? 7:54How often do I change my drapes? 13:54Budget 16:02How to do drapery on an arched window 20:13Are there rooms to cut costs in? 25:13“Mine are kind of a neutral field of off white, and then they have black brushstroke faces, outlines of faces on them. They feel kind of Roman, like Roman faces and the hair is just wiggly lines and it’s really a loose interpretation, and it makes the space feel very, sort of modern, which I love and gives it this personality and I feel like I have artwork for drapes.” 9:42 Letter:
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

    5 ways to add Charm to a New Build | Create Alluring Interior Spaces


    We are talking about one of Sue’s favorite topics today: How to add charm to your home. Lighting often is something that everyone can improve even if you’ve been in your home for a while. Boob lights are a great way to fill your room with light, but aren’t the most charming piece of lighting. We love sconces and Sue suggests just taking the cover off the ugly lights as this can look better than what your house comes with. When placing furniture, don’t just push them up against the wall, but try to mix it up. Go grab yourself an architectural digest and study the space planning because this will really add charm to your space. A lot of your walls are made of drywall, and then you add a texture to it, but you don’t want to add a lot of texture. We’re big fans of wall paper, which can add a lot of charm to your spaces. If you’re in an older home and you don’t want to re-lay all the flooring, you can buy rad rugs, which can make a big difference and really pull the room together. Lighting 3:41Kelvin levels 12:47Space planning 14:09Architectural accents 19:28Walls 21:54Hang art 30:22Flooring 32:48Layering 37:37“When we’re in these little spaces I think there’s a real safety to them, and that is going to be the definition of a charming space. Like really dial those in, you know? The window seats can be full of down feathers and can be a small pattern, and you can have jumbo wells, or it can be like a French mattress type of a construction. Even a French ticking is darling with mismatched pillows, and all of those things are going to give you that feeling of charm.” 16:16 Letter:
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

    Q&A with Home Furnishing Design | Finding Value in Your Style


    Today we wanted to introduce our Home Furnishing Design Team, which we developed specifically for those people that live in a home and just need furniture. Often we will present the client with about 2 options and they’ll ask why we’re only presenting two, but we go through a whole process of looking at multiple options, and then narrowing them down until we have 2 that are curated for their unique style. We only work one room at a time as this will ensure everything will be planned and completed correctly and of the highest quality, whereas if we’re focusing on more than one space at a time, things can get mixed up or mistakes can be made. Some people worry that their choices will go out of style, but if you love it and it is totally and completely you, even if it doesn’t quite go with current trends, it’ll never go out of style. Team introductions 1:35What sparked creating the home furnishings design team 3:32What brings clients to call this team 5:57Narrowing down the right options 14:00Timeline 15:35One space at a time 18:55Example of custom pieces 24:33How to go about this process 29:23Helping clients all over virtually 36:01What is your why? 39:55Staying inspired 43:00How to access our services 46:40“This is a team of designers that just work specifically on furnishing your home. They do wall coverings, they’ll do custom draperies, they will talk you through hanging your chandelier. I mean, it’s really full service.” 1:20 Letter:

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