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Layering for Winter | Fall Time Additions

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Today we want to talk about how we like to make our homes feel cozy during these winter months and our favorite layers we like to use to make our homes feel warm and inviting. There are so many warm and welcoming colors to add to your porch, such as pumpkins and velvety plants to match the season. This is the time of year you’re going to get a lot of guests and visitors, so filling up your porch with fun decorations and accessories is a great way to give your home that welcoming, warm touch. We recommend keeping some snips nearby and your eyes open during this season in case you spot some nice yew, or other similar plants to take from nature and enhance not just the visuals in your home, but the smells as well.

The porch 1:58
The entry 6:46
Entry hall table 13:10
Layers 15:33
Winter or Fall bed 22:08

“So that entry hall table, I always have some large books as well. Books that can be seasonal, like some entertaining books. I’ve got one on entertaining and the cover is like a silk, and it’s got this beautiful scene on it, and those warm earth tones look so good, especially at this time of year.” 13:11
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  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

    Nurseries | Creating a Room for Baby


    We’ve had a lot of listeners write in and they have a lot of questions about creating the ideal nursery. The nursery space is such a precious area and we’ve done a lot of them, so we’re excited to share what we know with you. We recommend white draperies if you’re planning on having more kids, as choosing a specific color, like pink for example, can give it more of a girl’s room feel. Having a diffuser for the nursery and having a night lamp can give the nursery a nice atmosphere to make that experience of getting up in the night to tend to your baby a bit more bearable. Try putting a sheep skin at the foot of the crib so you have something nice for your bare feet to stand on. How to design a nursery that looks designed, but has a child/baby element 2:08Draperies and how to decide what to spend/save on 4:27Creating a nursery in a small space, but still loving it 9:46Make a nursery feel special for working mom and stay-at-home mom 13:31Nursery must-haves - “Seating for mom, obviously, a little lamp. So lighting, something kind of small with a 3 way switch so you can do the dimmest one” “Have things on dimmers, it’ll be easier in the middle of the night for sure… just have a great chandelier too, like a great light is really great for the kid, again, now and when it’ll get older, by putting a special light up top.” 18:22Books for baby 19:04 Letter:
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

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  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

    Let's Talk Color! | How to Use It and the Psychology of It


    Today we wanted to talk about color and the psychology behind it, because there’s a lot more that goes into color than most people might think. People’s tastes in color can vary widely from one another and people can have different reactions to colors such as yellow where it might make them more energized and therefore you wouldn’t want to paint a room where people sleep in that color, as opposed to a pale pink color that might calm someone down. If you were to put complementary colors together, they would look like a sports jersey for example because they often combine opposite colors. Some people may see color better or worse than others, and that can be why color preferences vary so much between different people, like a husband and wife for example. Referencing and using the color wheel in design 2:30The psychology of color 5:41Picking color last 10:35Complementary colors versus analogous colors 13:03Men and women often perceive color differently 19:13Color combinations that are moody and great for walls 23:48Adding color to a neutral room and what goes well with plants 26:23“Complementary, I think we’re all familiar with that on the color wheel, it’s the ones that are exact opposites of each other. So red is complementary to green, blue is complementary to orange, and purple is complementary to yellow. Oftentimes we don’t apply that in a very primary situation, but as you go to those gradients, more secondary, if you want to feel real contrast from a space to another space, or in a material in that space that you’re painting green.” 13:20 Letter:
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

    Bedding 101: How to Personalize Your Sleep | Maximizing Your Comfort Level


    We’re talking with Ashley Willis who is the brand manager at Malouf, a bedding company that we’ve been selling at Alice Lane Home for the last 5-7 years. We talk about thread count in sheets and the factors that go into having a high quality bed sheet, such as the high quality materials used like tensile, which helps regulate your body temperature as you sleep. Understanding your sleep preferences is necessary in experiencing the best sleep you can because not everyone has the same taste in bed sheets. Linen is durable, lasts a long time, and their linen is something that gets softer over time, the more it gets washed and is a favorite of many. They have various different types of pillows and Ashley talks about the various kinds and why they’re nice and how you can use each unique one for your comfort. How Malouf got started and what’s special about what they do 1:38Thread count 5:48Are there sheets for equalizing between two different body temperatures? 8:15Getting that magazine look for your bedding 10:37Must haves for your bedding 13:02Different types of fills 15:24Linen bedding or just sheeting? 16:25Pillows, dos and don’ts 17:52What people don’t think about 22:36Top selling sheet, fills, and pillow 24:48“I think that sheets definitely serve utilitarian purpose in the sense that it’s the fabric that’s directly against your skin when you’re going to bed, but it also has a look to it, and so if you’re trying to bring in a very specific look to your bedroom, whether you want something that’s maybe warmer colors or cooler colors, also understanding what that looks like and how that plays in to the rest of your color palette for your space I think is really important as well.” 13:[email protected]:// Letter:
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

    Creating A Playful Children's Space | Keeping Things Fun and Organized


    Today we’re going to focus on play spaces and how to organize playrooms, and make those fun spaces, but we suggest you go back and listen to the “Designing the Perfect Kids Room” podcast from our show to get a nice warm up in organizing and trying to develop your kids’ space. We give some tips and ideas for organizing and making the best of your space when bedrooms are small and what you can do, such as cubbies or using a basement for toys and items that don’t need to be in the bedroom. You can help motivate your kids to clean up by explaining why it’s important to put the things in their places, or by telling them they can only have a certain amount of toys and to pick their favorites, and then give the remaining ones to kids who don’t have them. Setting up a good floor plan to keep things clean and organized 2:16Maximizing the space with small bedrooms 9:00Suggestions on how to motivate your kids to keep things organized 14:33What every kid should have in their room 17:37Playrooms: how to make the space look nice and still function as a playroom 20:48A good place to set up a craft table and keep it tidy 22:31What is a fun kids room we’ve made? 25:19“Even that first kid’s podcast, we talk about how kids have way better ideas than we do. Yes they sometimes need to be reigned in a little bit, but you get to choose. It’s kind of like with Halloween costumes. I love that Nolan picks out his Halloween costume because I get to remember what he was into at that moment and looking back at those pictures is so sweet, and it’s kind of the same thing with their rooms.” 18:43 Letter:
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

    Best of 2021 Guests | Snippets from Our Top Guest Podcast Episodes of 2021


    Following our previous episode, we’re sharing our favorite moments from guest episodes that have been released this year for you to enjoy again. Don’t forget to follow us on social media so you don’t miss out on anything coming this next year. Happy New Year!Fresh taste making with Courtney Grow 0:22Working with the right architect - Colton Broadbent 3:04An interview with Rachel Parcell 10:11Destination of Scent with Rami Mekdachi 14:47Power of Organization - Salt by Sabrina 23:23Entertaining with Rebecca Gardner 28:38Thomas Pheasant 36:32 Letter:
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

    Best of the Best | Snippets from Our Top Podcast Episodes of 2021


    As we come to the close of this year, we wanted to share some of the pieces from our top podcast episodes of 2021. We want to thank our listeners for such a great year we’ve had and can’t wait to share with you everything coming in 2022. Happy Holidays!Designing the Primary Bath 0:22Rules We Break 4:31Molding & Millwork 8:12Common Design Mistakes to Avoid Part 1 10:48Common Design Mistakes to Avoid Part 2 15:17Design World 20:03Design on a Budget 26:135 Ways to Add Charm to a New Build 29:37 Letter:
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

    Answering Listener Questions | Top 15 Inquiries


    Today we’ve got a fun one. We’ve had so many questions from our listeners and decided to put 15 of them into one episode. Sue and Jess haven’t had a chance to look at the questions yet, so Cori will be reading them, and then Jess and Sue will give their answers. Swivel reclining chairs have typically been less pleasing to the eye, but recently better styles have been coming out and moving furniture is one of the more sought after items these days and our teams here at Alice lane can help you find something great for the men in your life. A great way to add family photos to your design is create a space where you can display your favorite moments you’ve captured and display them in a reverent way. Where do you shop for dresses? 1:40Best options for a men’s recliner 7:42Do you need dark curtains with dark paint? 10:22Favorite materials for covered porches 12:24How to bring color in a neutral furnished room? 13:47Go-to framing for art 16:09Best tips for a gallery wall in a hallway or bedroom 19:59How we add family photos into our design 23:29Should we prioritize replacing old decor or buying pieces we don’t currently own 25:30How long should a console table be that sits behind your sofa? 29:30How to address lighting in a room without an outlet 32:07What to do about a tiny gap between countertop and a window 33:54Where we go for inspiration 34:58How we decorate the office at work 39:30“Not using a paper mat is always ideal. If you have to use a cardboard paper mat, that’s great, just do a really thick one with a beveled edge. That’s gonna look awesome, and then some people are like, allergic to gold and they only like silver, or they want to do black frames. Whatever your metal is, or your neutral, just lean into it and find the one that looks the most expensive.” 16:[email protected]:// Letter:

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