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7 Tips to Transform a Small Space (and Make It Seem Bigger)

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We all have a space that we want to feel roomier. These are some tricks of the trade to create the illusion of a larger space. Everybody’s had a small space before. That starter home or rented space, a dorm room, first apartment, so we have a lot of space expanding tips we want to get into today. Sue tells about what she has done with color in her own home to make the room feel larger by treating the whole room in a uniform colored manner. You’re going to use bigger things than you think you will to make your room look really generous, such as a large rug, lamp, or large art, but make sure to avoid sticking everything up on stilts as too many legs can make your room feel nervous.

Color 2:51
Changing the color on the ceiling 9:01
Scale 12:00
Lamps 19:36
Mirrors 21:34
Chandelier 25:21

“So depending on the size of your room, like in the old days the bedrooms were 10x10, right? Nobody’s gonna have a living room this size, but I was gonna say just for the sake of this podcast we’ll say your room is 10x10, I would still get an 8x10 rug. So go big. Do not get a 5x7.” 14:16
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  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

    Closet Design | Making Your Space Reflect You


    Today we are talking about closet design and are sharing some tips for creating more closet space, including knocking down walls and using a room next to your bedroom. We talk windows and the role they play and a few other tricks for arranging storage & furniture. We have some suggestions for mirrors and our love for valet rods and hooks. We talk about using wallpaper in your closet and the unexpected surfaces to cover that will elevate the feel of the room & give some tips on how to enrich the perspective of your closet. If you are building out your own closet, we talk give some good suggestions of businesses who specialize in closet construction and design. Don't forget to listen to our earlier episode about closet organization as well! Letter:
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

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  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

    Market Recap | Great Things We Have Come Across


    We’ve been asked several times since returning from market about what we saw while there, what’s coming, what’s out, what we’re expecting, what the latest colors and trends are. We hadn’t been to market since before all the pandemic stuff, so we wanted to answer that call of those questions and we are so excited to share with you what we’ve seen and learned. We love antique rugs because they’re unique and you can’t find them anywhere else in the world, so we’ll go out and talk to our rug flipper who will pick up these old, but nice rugs which we can use to give spaces that unique, cosy, and happy look. We love going to market because we get to see these top quality setups and designs that designers have been spending 6 months on to present, which we then get to show to our own clients. Have a piece of Alice Lane in your home for free 1:27The color scheme 4:50Antique rugs 6:23Color is still a thing 8:29Motion is important now 11:20The diagonal arm and neutrals 12:35More on color and rugs 15:31Bedding 18:14Metal 19:18Vintage 21:06Why we love going to market 26:43“The nickel would look really fly with that bittersweet chocolate, I’m just gonna say, very Ralph Lauren, right? We’re still gonna see it and we’re still gonna mix metals, but gold isn’t out, guys. It’s still antique, it still has a trueness to it. It wasn’t just a brush gold.” “And we’re probably going to still choose it 70% of the time over nickel, but then nickel, we’re always gonna use nickel on a faucet, and I really don’t ever want to see gold silverware.” 19:56 Letter:
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

    Entertaining with Rebecca Gardner | Hosting Great Parties


    The founder and creative director of House and Creative Parties, a full service event and interior design collective in Savannah and New York City. She’s been named a top event designer by Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, and her design work has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, Milieu, Town and Country, The Financial Times, and The New York Times. She established her design firm in 2010 and launched her online shop during 2020 called house and parties, which is a mix of private labels, artist commissions, and vintage pieces. “If your goal in hosting a party is to impress people, you have lost from the very beginning.” 24:36Transitioning interiors to parties 4:18How it begins with the clients 8:23The headwear 12:46The hostess 15:33What to include in an intro 19:08Inspiration 19:54How is design a part of party planning? 22:21The essentials of throwing a great party 24:45A party trick 27:25Dressing for a party 32:50Rebecca’s dream party 34:04The party favor 35:55Music 38:11“To me, the smaller parties that are like 60 tops are really where the magic happens because you have that time to stand back and pinch your chin, and move the little ditties around and step back, and play with the lighting. The bigger parties are fun because the scale is exciting and you have a major adrenaline rush, but you don’t get to split hairs and move around plastic snails under crystal goblets quite as much.” 9:37 Letter:
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

    How to Create an Elevated Space | Whether your Taste is Dressy or Casual


    Today we’re talking about how to create an elevated space, whether your taste is dressy or casual. Either way, you can always create something great, as long as it’s the very best version of yourself. If you’re a dressy person, you’re likely going to be into shiny things, such as shiny velvets, silk drapes, original paintings, or shiny marble. The casual client is typically someone with the casual T-shirt, their style is a little more spontaneous, and they’re not hyper formal. Jess identifies herself as a high end casual, while Sue identifies as just a casual. The more formal homes will typically have more whites and blacks, like the checkered floors, but a casual home may have more wooden flooring and earthy colors throughout. Dressy space 5:34The casual person 9:10Dressy and casual colors 14:06Casual finishes 17:28Sheers 21:49Cory’s music room 24:41Rugs 29:44“Whether you want to spend the money on a rocky mountain hardware door set for your door, or don’t, go there for your inspiration. Always look at successful things, and then try and do something that’s like unto it if you can’t afford to do the great stuff. So that’s kind of where we live on this podcast, is to give you our very best advice, and then you take it and do with it what you will, but you always want to look successful and by successful we mean you always want it to feel like a professional helped you, whether it be casual or dressy.” 16:32 Letter:
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

    Install Nightmares | Mending Our Biggest Mistakes


    In this episode we want to talk about the hurdles that have hit the furniture industry and consumer industry as a whole. And then go into install struggles and how we overcame those - make it light hearted and funny and plus our design services and how we love our clients and their understanding through it all. “We had a life coach come in and speak to us about 5 years ago and she had to release us from all of this trauma and say, ‘You guys were cowboys then.’ and she said, ‘Hurray for failure! That’s how you learn.’” 22:46Gracie wallpaper nightmare 4:13The cool monkey wallpaper 7:25Installing a basement for a celebrity 10:26Sue’s nightmare ink story 16:10Year one of Alice Lane 18:27“I come in and was like, ‘So what do you think? Are we good? Are there any edits you wanna make? Anything you want to add in?’ and she yells up to her husband, who was up in his office and was like, ‘Hey, so-and-so, what do you think?’ and he’s like, ‘Keep the chair. ONE chair.’” 21:36 Letter:
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

    Layering for Winter | Fall Time Additions


    Today we want to talk about how we like to make our homes feel cozy during these winter months and our favorite layers we like to use to make our homes feel warm and inviting. There are so many warm and welcoming colors to add to your porch, such as pumpkins and velvety plants to match the season. This is the time of year you’re going to get a lot of guests and visitors, so filling up your porch with fun decorations and accessories is a great way to give your home that welcoming, warm touch. We recommend keeping some snips nearby and your eyes open during this season in case you spot some nice yew, or other similar plants to take from nature and enhance not just the visuals in your home, but the smells as well. The porch 1:58The entry 6:46Entry hall table 13:10Layers 15:33Winter or Fall bed 22:08“So that entry hall table, I always have some large books as well. Books that can be seasonal, like some entertaining books. I’ve got one on entertaining and the cover is like a silk, and it’s got this beautiful scene on it, and those warm earth tones look so good, especially at this time of year.” 13:11 Letter:
  • Dear Alice | Interior Design podcast

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