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414: Pandemic Pressures: 4 Key Pillars to Evaluate in Your Corporate Travel Program - Part 3: Traveler Safety

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Corporate travel is one of the most complex spend categories that procurement has management responsibility for. For almost two years now, business travel has been in a state of flux resulting from the global COVID-19 pandemic, leaving most companies and procurement teams with a whole series of unanswered questions:  

How should your corporate travel policy change to reflect new realities? How do you negotiate deals when volumes are uncertain? How do you account for traveler safety? And how do you integrate sustainability into your travel program?

In this four-part special series brought to you in partnership with Egencia, the world’s business travel platform, we will cover all of these pressing issues and more.

In the third episode of the series, host Philip Ideson speaks with Caitlin Deegan, Senior Director of Strategy at Egencia, to discuss the elevated responsibility organizations have to protect traveler safety, and what actions they can take to minimize risk as much as possible.

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    430: Partnership as a Service: Driving Change & Delivering Unconventional Returns at UMass


    Each change journey is unique - and yet - can benefit from embracing proven best practices that have been formalized by specialists with equally unique expertise. The benefits of taking such a journey are becoming clear at the University of Massachusetts, as they bring their print, marketing, and branded merchandise spend under management through a partnership with SupplyLogic. David Cho is the Chief Procurement Officer and Managing Director at the University of Massachusetts. His team began their change journey with an investment in their partnerships (both internal and external), technology, and data that helped them achieve a deeper understanding of their marketing and print services spend. They worked at the category level to inform strategies and decisions that would have a lasting impact and deliver multiple forms of ROI for the university. In this episode, based on an AOP Live session, David is joined by Phil Schoonmaker, CEO of SupplyLogic, and Host Philip Ideson to answer live audience questions about what he and his team have learned on their change journey: The importance of centralizing procurement so that there can be one ‘attack plan’ for managing large numbers of suppliers and transactions and one approach to influencing stakeholders When and why to leverage experts outside of the organization to advance the partnerships being built internally Insights and intelligence that can be used to advance corporate social responsibility in the form of local, diversity-owned, and environmentally friendly supplier partnerships
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    429: Starting a Cycle of Constant Reinvention w/ Adam Brown


    Leading procurement organizations are constantly reimagining their processes and operating models, but in today’s unpredictable and fast-changing world they are under more pressure than ever to deliver a high-level roadmap to building the procurement function of tomorrow.  In TRANSFORM - a thought-provoking new podcast series from Art of Procurement in partnership with Globality - we spotlight the agenda-setting procurement leaders and companies who are changing the game and redefining the Future of Procurement.  In the second episode in the series, host Philip Ideson talks with Adam Brown, Head of the Procurement Digital Garage and Senior Manager of Transformation at BT Sourced. Adam and his team are leading the way in transforming the role and the impact of procurement beyond traditional boundaries.    This interview gives Adam a forum to talk about the importance of building a digital procurement ecosystem to enable lasting transformation: Why procurement needs to think about transformation as a process of constant reinvention How his perspective on procurement talent is shaped by the emphasis BT Sourced places on their best-of-breed digital ecosystem Building self-service capabilities that distributed buyers really don’t have to worry about getting right
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    428: Learning to Succeed Despite Uncertain Market Dynamics w/ Sherri Barnes and Kristen Rellihan


    In 2021, 62% of the companies in the S&P 1500 index did not provide an annual forecast - some even stated that there is just too much uncertainty for them to be accurate (WSJ, 9/22/21). This is a reality that all companies in all industries worldwide have accepted; market conditions will remain uncertain for the foreseeable future.  In this episode, based on an AOP Live session, host Philip Ideson talks with Sherri Barnes, Director of Market Intelligence Services at ProcureAbility, and Kristen Rellihan, Senior Manager of Advisory at ProcureAbility. They discuss how procurement can develop strong buying strategies despite the certainty of uncertainty in the market and what tactics may be best suited in our current inflationary environment.  Sherri and Kristen also answer live audience questions about: The current state of the economy and how long ProcureAbility expects the uncertainty to last What economic information sources procurement may want to consult, and how we can turn what we learn into actionable insights How to bring market information into conversations with internal stakeholders, especially when the news is not positive
  • Art of Procurement podcast

    427: Procurement Transformation in the Oil and Gas Industry w/ Ferhat Eryurt and Artem Sherekh


    Usually the transformation journeys we hear about are focused on a single company, but there are instances of industry wide transformation efforts as well. The oil and gas industry is a perfect example. These companies are looking to evolve into broader chemical and energy organizations for the sake of sustainability, and procurement has the opportunity to become a strategic partner in this transformation.  ​​In this episode, host Philip Ideson gets a look into the role of procurement transformation in the oil and gas industry by interviewing Artem Sherekh, the Global Oil and Gas Practice Lead at SAP, and Ferhat Eryurt, a partner at apsolut Group. Headquartered in Germany, apsolut Group is an SAP and SAP Ariba consulting partner that delivers on-premise cloud and hybrid procurement solutions.  After shining a light on the role of procurement in the oil and gas industry, Artem and Ferhat talk about: How companies are overcoming the cost-based hurdles associated with transitioning from conventional oil and gas to more expensive but sustainable renewable energy sources Ways for procurement to reevaluate their value proposition to the company as conditions change, and how that should guide their activities Why high quality, centralized data is an absolute must, even in fast-paced, regulated organizations going through a lot of M&A activity
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    426: The Greatest Time to Be In Procurement is Now w/ Dr Elouise Epstein


    Leading procurement organizations are constantly reimagining their processes and operating models, but in today’s unpredictable and fast-changing world they are under more pressure than ever to deliver a high-level roadmap to building the procurement function of tomorrow.  In TRANSFORM - a thought-provoking new podcast series from Art of Procurement in partnership with Globality - we spotlight the agenda-setting procurement leaders and companies who are changing the game and redefining the Future of Procurement.  For the first episode in this special series, host Philip Ideson talks with Dr. Elouise Epstein, a partner at Kearney and the acclaimed author of Trade Wars, Pandemics, and Chaos: How Digital Procurement Enables Business Success in a Disordered World. She is surely at the forefront of driving the procurement profession to an elevated future. Dr. Elouise shares her honest perspectives on: How she thinks most procurement leaders need to change their thinking about the profession How technologies like AI can enable companies to achieve their ESG goals and tap into new sources of innovation, growth and enterprise value The traits that distinguish the companies that have best positioned themselves for long term success
  • Art of Procurement podcast

    425: The State of the Procurement Profession in 2021 w/ Dr. Marcell Vollmer and Christoph Bode


    The State of the Procurement Profession report, one of the largest studies of the profession, is now in its fourth year. Among the key takeaways is data that suggests cost-related objectives remain dominant, with sustainability initiatives far down the list of priorities, despite discussions and content that suggest more progress has already been made. The silver lining is that the entrepreneurial procurement movement seems to be taking hold, and may usher in a time of accelerated change.   In this episode, host Philip Ideson is joined by Dr. Marcell Vollmer, Partner and Director at Boston Consulting Group, and Christoph Bode, Professor at the Business School of the University of Mannheim and Endowed Chair of Procurement. They recently collaborated, with the assistance of ISM, to survey the procurement profession, and have published their findings in the newly released report “State of the Procurement Profession 2021.”   The key findings of the research focus on entrepreneurial orientation, digitization, and ESG, as well as considering procurement reporting structures: Early indications that the first ‘big wave’ of procurement digitalization may be coming to an end Why recent concerns about supply chain risk are changing how companies approach sustainability, and why this shift plays to procurement’s strengths The mindset and risk tolerance that are observed in entrepreneurial procurement teams - who also appear to be outperforming their peers
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    424: Preserving the Actionability and Immediacy of Market Intelligence w/ Ashley Cruz and Thomas Larson


    In a recent Art of Procurement survey, access to market insights was cited as the second most pressing challenge for procurement professionals. Even when procurement is able to access the insights they need, they still have to ensure that they are up-to-date, harder than ever given the level of uncertainty and unpredictability in today’s business climate. In this week’s episode, Host Philip Ideson is joined by Ashley Cruz, Manager of Client Services at ProcurementIQ, and Thomas Lawson, their Product Development Manager. Starting by providing an honest look at procurement’s legacy relationship with market intelligence, they share some of their best tips for making insights actionable and provide a behind the scenes look into how ProcurementIQ builds their market intelligence reports. In particular, Ashley and Thomas answer questions about: Why the time has come (or passed) for procurement’s market intelligence to move beyond supplier discovery and cost/price benchmarking The value of incorporating market trends and dynamics as well as models into the negotiation and bid review process The most frequently asked questions they hear from procurement teams when it comes to accessing and acting upon market insights and intelligence
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    423: Creating Tail Spend ROI Through an Improved Buyer Experience w/ Jean-Baptiste Anne & Vishal Patel


    The high number of low-cost transactions is just the beginning of the challenges with tail spend management. Spend often finds its way into the tail through multiple ‘wrong turns,’ each of which requires a different approach by procurement and a correspondingly different resolution. There is no one ‘cause’ of tail spend and therefore there is no one solution.  In this episode, which is based on an AOP Live session, host Philip Ideson speaks with Jean-Baptiste Anne, Head of Enterprise Sales and Professional Services Teams for Amazon Business, and Vishal Patel, VP of Product Marketing at Ivalua about all things tail spend. How do they define it, how to integrate self-service models, and ways to look at the ROI of your tail spend program. Jean-Baptiste Anne and Vishal Patel answer audience questions about: The differences between a dedicated tail spend solution and integrating that same capability into a platform How to know that you are making the right investment to deliver a tail spend ROI for your company The criticality of understanding what is in your tail spend to being able to direct it through self-guided buying options such as Amazon Business, new procurement-led sourcing projects, or incorporation into existing contracts
  • Art of Procurement podcast

    422: The Impact of the ‘Great Resignation’ on Service Categories w/ Amy Fong


    Procurement has been working hard to expand our value proposition beyond savings for a long time, and the current conditions in service-based industries may provide a perfect opportunity. Many service and people-based industries are being hit hard by what is being called ‘The Great Resignation.’ Managing these categories on cost alone will definitely not be enough. In this episode, host Philip Ideson speaks with ​​Amy Fong, Vice President of Sourcing and Vendor Management at Everest Group. Amy has had a front row seat to procurement transformation as both practitioner and an advisor, and she is currently focused on services categories. This interview was recorded as part of PASA’s (Procurement and Supply Australasia) ninth annual PASA Premier Confex. Amy answers service-specific questions about: The roles and industries where labor shortages are the greatest - and therefore the potential price increases are the highest Evidence that companies may be pre-buying digital services the way they were hoarding toilet paper in 2020 The trends she sees with regard to service providers integrating technology and automation into their delivery models
  • Art of Procurement podcast

    421: Applying Cognitive Technology to Procurement w/ Melissa Drew


    We have observed a huge surge in investment in procurement technology startups over the last 12 months, and many of them are leveraging new ‘cognitive’ technologies to be smarter and more intuitive than the procurement technology of years past. In order to truly understand the value proposition of these solutions, procurement needs to have a solid grasp of what cognitive technology is and how its introduction will impact current technology, processes, and talent. ​​In this episode, host Philip Ideson speaks with Melissa Drew, an Associate Partner at IBM. Melissa has 27 years of procurement and supply chain experience, from both an industry and consulting perspective. She collaborates with organizations to reimagine how companies should look in order to remain competitive and was recently recognized as a global leader in consulting in the ‘Excellence in Influence’ category. Since most procurement organizations are in the early stages of thinking about cognitive technology, Philip asks Melissa questions about: What is cognitive technology really versus what we might read and hear in ‘hyped’ product marketing literature? Where should companies be looking to apply the advantages of cognitive technology to their current procurement processes? The critical need for procurement leaders to invest in the data literacy of their organization

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