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When Injectable Fillers Go Wrong: How to Dissolve & Correct Them

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In this episode, we speak to Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevic, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon based in New York.

He navigates through the nuances of fillers, particularly focusing on the aspect of removing them: the process involved, and the crucial considerations for anyone considering or experiencing filler treatments.

You’ll hear about:

  • Types of Injectable Fillers: There are a variety of FDA-approved filler products that cosmetic surgeons use. In general, fillers are categorized by the substance they are made from. We’ll discuss some of the top fillers for each injection location.
  • The Filler Experience: From anticipated swelling to downtime and the duration of results. What you need to know before getting an injectable filler.
  • Correction Process: Exploring what fillers can and cannot be dissolved, along with the intricate process involved in correcting undesirable outcomes.

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