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Viktor Michael: Luxury Skincare Designed for Post-Injection Recovery

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Bumps and bruises are an inevitable part of getting fillers and Botox, but a new skincare line is setting out to reduce the downtime and discomfort!

In this episode, we speak with Shay Sim and Nadya Kozlova, the visionary co-founders of Viktor Michael. This unique skincare line is designed explicitly for post-injection recovery and is said to reduce side effects and downtime by half. 

After noticing the lack of consistent, effective, and accessible post-injection care in the industry, Shay and Nayda partnered with a world-renowned cosmetic chemist to develop a new class of skin care that elegantly blends luxury and recovery into exquisite formulas for pre-treatment, post-procedure, and daily skin maintenance. After six years of research and development, they’ve launched 2 innovative formulas to help with post-injection care.

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