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Stem Cell Science and its Revolutionary Applications in Beauty

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“When we’re born, our skin has the ability to self-rejuvenate, but over time, that ability diminishes,” and that’s why Michal Morrison is looking to stem cell science and its revolutionary applications in beauty. 

Morrison likens aging to a dimmer on a light switch: as it starts to go down, and the activity within your cells goes down, that’s when aging occurs. So she’s tapped into a new “meta molecule,” βSTEM6, which is the result of over two decades of research in regenerative medicine and recent advances in stem cell science. βSTEM6 marks a new category of biomimetic skincare technology and stimulates your biology’s inherent ability to support cell longevity and rejuvenate skin.

We talk to the founder of Michal Morrison, Inc., about 

  • Her all-new, innovative skincare company established in stem cell science and supported by its patent-pending βSTEM6™ molecular technology.
  • βSTEM6™ : a nextgen, patent-pending metamolecule that restores the self-rejuvenating power of our skin
  • Genesis βSTEM6™ Molecular Serum: their first-ever hero product has a mechanism of action validated by 25 years of research in stem cell science and regenerative medicine from the laboratory of Dr. Michael Kahn.
  • Inclusive beauty: after surviving a Traumatic Brain Injury in 2016, Michal has become a passionate advocate for people with disabilities, and how this event inspired her to leave her archeology career to build a beauty brand

To learn more about the company or purchase the product, head to

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