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Hormones Can Unlock the Answers to Better Skin, Nails, Hair, and Internal Health

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Your hormones are responsible for not only skin health, but also mood, metabolism, sexual health, sleep, stress, and even heart health. Yet 80% of women experience a hormone imbalance. One company, Veracity, is pioneering hormone-based wellness by taking a scientific approach with a skin + health test, and skincare and supplements. Their goals? To help you unlock the answers to better skin, nails, hair, and internal health – from bloating and disrupted digestion to slowed metabolism and exhaustion from stress. 

We talk to founder Allie Egan about:

  • Building a brand: her career path from finance, to fashion, to beauty and wellness 
  • The inefficiency of standard hormonal testing and how it doesn’t provide the full picture
  • Veracity Skin + Health test: this at-home saliva test delivers a personalized wellness routine that includes skincare and supplement recommendations tailored to your hormones. 
  • Hormone-clean Skincare and supplements: we discuss the clinically proven ingredients in their line that are safe for your skin and health

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This podcast is not sponsored. All opinions are always 100% honest and my own.

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