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Hope Fragrance Collection: The Beauty Brand Creating Breakthroughs in Depression Research

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There are very few people in the world who are truly altruistic, and even fewer brands. But one fragrance company is creating breakthroughs in depression research and pioneering new treatments to end the suffering of millions. We talk to Audrey Gruss, founder of Hope Fragrances and Hope for Depression Research, about:

  • Her inspiring career path to Director of Advertising and Creative Services Worldwide for Elizabeth Arden, in a time when men ruled the industry.
  • Shocking facts about depression: Over 20 million adults have depression in the U.S. each year and over 350 million globally. And according to Audrey, “50% of the people who need antidepressants, who take this type of antidepressant [SSRIs like Prozac and Lexapro, and SNRIs ] do not respond to them."
  • Hope for Depression Research: A foundation that Audrey founded in 2006 in memory of her late mother, Hope, who suffered from clinical depression. While researching her mother’s illness, she discovered that the funding towards depression research was limited and so she decided to assemble a task force of the top leading neuroscientists in the world. By allowing them to share information in real-time, HDRF has made incredible discoveries into the origins, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of depression and its related mood and other emotional disorders, with the ultimate goal of finding a cure
  • The Hope Fragrance Collection: In 2017, Audrey created a line of luxury perfumes, body care and candles, that donates 100% of its profits to Hope for Depression Research.
  • The future of depression research and treatment.

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