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Glacial Rx: The Latest High-tech Aesthetic Cryotherapy

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In the ever-evolving world of skincare and beauty tech, a new device is making waves for treating everything from age spots to discomfort after laser treatments. 

We sit down with Peggy Chung, a seasoned expert in dermatology and aesthetics, to discuss the “coolest” new innovation in skincare, Glacial Rx. This is the first and only cryo-aesthetic treatment that utilizes precision cooling to combat inflammation and reset your skin from within. 

In this episode we’ll discuss: 

  • Cryotherapy: The benefits of cold therapy for your skin to treat inflammation and pain.
  • Precision cooling: Glacial Rx delivers treatment at just the right temperature and time based on each patient’s unique biology.
  • The Treatment Process: Starting with a consultation from a skilled professional., we’ll hear about what the treatment entails from the application of controlled cooling to the minimal downtime and results.
  • Benefits for the skin: From improving overall skin health and achieving “Glacial Skin” to removing age spots, this treatment can be customized for each person's individual needs.
  • Ideal Candidates: While Glacial Rx addresses various skin types and concerns, this non-invasive solution is particularly effective for individuals dealing with issues like redness, inflammation, and uneven skin tone. 

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