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AMEŌN Skincare: Blending Cryotherapy, Biotechnology and Holistic Healing

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After being diagnosed with breast cancer at 30 and going through 8 rounds of chemotherapy, Alina Mehrle was left with dehydrated and fragile skin. The challenges with restoring her youthful and healthy skin inspired her to launch her own skincare brand, AMEŌN, which balances nature and the achievements of modern science.

  • Founder story: from architecture to beauty, her courageous and inspiring story to building a brand.
  • AMEŌN skincare: She spent 2 years developing products that nourish the skin and tap into healing mineral energy, micronutrients, and biotech.
  • Chemotherapy’s effects on the skin and her recommendations for skin and beauty
  • Cryotherapy: the benefits of skin icing and how to use the Frozen Essence at-home
  • Ethics of using “natural ingredients” and why her scientists stand behind “naturally derived.”

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