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262 - Qure: At-home Micro-Infusion Facial System with Clinical Results!

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Ready to bring clinical-grade micro-infusion to your home?

In this episode, Amber sits down with with skincare maven, holistic health coach, and YouTube sensation Chris Gibson, to talk about the Qure micro-infusion system. Hear why micro-infusion has become a cornerstone of Chris's beauty regimen and get ready to be blown away when he reveals his age! You’ll learn about::

  • Micro-Infusion Precision vs. Derma Rollers: Understand the distinctions between micro-infusion systems and derma rollers, emphasizing the Qure system's precision and controlled infusion over the potential risks and imprecision of rollers.
  • Scientific Insights: Hear about the science behind micro-infusion, discovering how this innovative device delivers serums to activate collagen production, thereby enhancing skin texture and vitality.
  • Step-by-Step Demonstration: Get a guided tour through the correct usage of the Qure system, and how to integrate it seamlessly into your beauty routine.
  • Beta Glucans vs. Hyaluronic Acid: Delve into the benefits of beta-glucans for skin hydration, contrasting them with hyaluronic acid and emphasizing beta glucans' ability to deeply hydrate skin without external moisture reliance.
  • Skincare Strategies and Age Consideration: Gain insights into skincare timing and the ideal age to initiate certain skincare treatments, while advocating for proactive approaches to maintain skin youthfulness without solely relying on procedures like Botox.
  • Qure Micro-Infusion System Recommendation: Discover why Chris advocates for the Qure Micro-Infusion System as a cost-effective at-home alternative, highlighting its affordability and effectiveness in achieving radiant skin.

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