Alienating the Audience podcast

Alienating the Audience

Andrew Heaton

Andrew Heaton and an army of nerds plunge deep, deep into films, books, and TV shows to ask: what's science fiction really about? What is The Twilight Zone really exploring? What are the underlying themes of Star Trek? What is the worldview of Star Wars? Also sometimes Heaton performs comedy on other planets.

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  • Alienating the Audience podcast

    The Forever War


    Joe Haldeman's novel "The Forever War" is great science fiction in and of itself, involving aliens, time dilation, and how conflicts stretch out for centuries thanks to relativity. It's also a great exploration of the nature and hopelessness of war, a la Vietnam. Tom Merritt joins to discuss Get the book at:
  • Alienating the Audience podcast

    Humanity is Underrated: the Deathworld Series


    Earth is a Class 12 Deathworld--we just didn't know it! To the rest of the universe it is violent and uninhabitable, and our amazing species grew up on this badass planet, and thought it was perfectly normal. Such is the premise of the Deathworld series. Michael "Macca" Cameron joins to discuss Deathworld, anthropology, and whether religion is an accident or intrinsic to the human condition. Source text: "Humans Don't Make Good Pets"
  • Alienating the Audience podcast

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  • Alienating the Audience podcast

    Keeping up with the Cardassians


    Cardassians include some of Star Trek's best characters and plot, from Elim Garak (the best character ever) to Dukat (single greatest villain) to Orwellian illusions and Holocaust analogies.  Scottish scifi aficionados Dickie and Stone Lynch return to discuss the Cardassian oeuvre.
  • Alienating the Audience podcast

    Waterworld is an Aquatic Western


    "Waterworld" depicts a post-flood dystopia of psychos on jet skis and Kevin Costner with gills.  John DeVore, celebrated writer for "Humungus" joins to discuss its deeper meaning, and how it's ultimately a Western--only wetter.
  • Alienating the Audience podcast

    What Makes a Terrible Sidekick


    What qualities define a sidekick? What makes a good one or a cringey one? Tom Brennan and Jeremiah Johnson join to discuss. 
  • Alienating the Audience podcast

    Plot Holes!


    What's the difference between a gaping plot hole, vs mere shoddy writing or poor character decisions? Scottish science fiction enthusiasts Stone and Dickie Lynch join the show to discuss.
  • Alienating the Audience podcast

    It's Time to Watch Babylon 5


    Babylon 5 has a magnificent plot arch, solid writing, and vibrant characters. If it weren't for the low budget and 90s CGI, it would have been massive cultural sensation--bigger than Game of Thrones!  John Krikorian and Cameron Riddles join to explain the sheer majesty of Babylon 5
  • Alienating the Audience podcast

    Children of Men


    What happens to society when everyone on Earth goes sterile, and there's no future generation to hand things off to or better the world for? Andrew Young and Josh Jennings join to discuss the film "Children of Men". 
  • Alienating the Audience podcast

    We Are Legion, We Are Bob


    Dennis Taylor's "Bobiverse" comedically follows the exploits of an engineer whose mind is uploaded into a self-replicating probe, which becomes its own civilization of Bobs.  Tom Merritt joins to discuss the implications of immortality, and when reproduction means copying yourself indefinitely. 
  • Alienating the Audience podcast

    The Giant Universe of Doctor Who


    Justin Robert Young comes on to discuss "Doctor Who," arguably the most successful science fiction program (along with Star Trek) in history, and the most popular scifi program in Britain.

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