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Steps to Freedom: Awareness, Appreciation & New Thinking

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— Our thoughts are psychological, 

They really aren't the truth.

They're a bunch of mental constructs.

You've bought into since your youth.


Most things we do unconsciously.

We learned them as a child.

Conditioned by what our folks disliked,

And that which made them smile.


Knowing which are their voice.

And knowing which is mine.

Only from that discernment place

Can we know that we're Divine… ~ Ian

Valeria interviews  Ian Segail — He is the author of  “The Emotional Resilience Pathway: A Practical Guide to Cultivate Emotional Resilience, Overcome Fear, and Manifest Your Dream Life AND Who's Controlling You? The Doris Program.”

A seasoned mentor and inspirational guide with a passion for helping others achieve their full potential.

Author of 14 books, for the last 25 years Ian has been helping companies and people all over the world optimize their impact and increase their ROE (return on effort) by improving themselves, their mental models, their sales, and their marketing systems for increased engagement.

Ian’s work involves helping people to transform their work efforts and achieve the results they truly want for themselves and their businesses.

Using his vast array of expertise, know-how, and proven methodologies, Ian helps people find their joy, ease, and flow so that their efforts bear the fruit they choose with less struggle and stress.

To learn more about Ian Segail and his work, please visit: https://iansegail.com/

To purchase Ian’s books, please email him: [email protected]

Also, for free copy of “WHO'S CONTROLLING YOU? THE DORIS PROGRAM”  — Please visit: https://online.fliphtml5.com/xulnn/yacj/

Password: Doris

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