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Self-Compassion Starts With You — Where You Are!

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— Treating yourself with kindness can be life-changing—and journaling can help you get there. Learn to let go of negativity and improve your self-image. Build the skills you need for managing self-criticism and practicing self-compassion so you can increase happiness and let go of anxiety.

Clarity helps us find focus and direction so we can take steps toward what we want for our lives. Alison’s work is designed to empower you to get clarity on where you are and where you'd like to be. Growing in self-compassion starts with seeing things as they are. Before making the changes important for healing, it's essential we get real about what's holding us back and no longer working. When you unload the weight you've been carrying, you make room for compassion. It's freeing to create a future beyond the places we've been limiting ourselves. What we can imagine—what could be—is where new possibilities open and we come alive. Our dreams, visions, goals, and commitments give us direction and purpose. They inspire us into action and guide us back on our path when we inevitably get off track along the way. — Alison

Valeria Teles interviews Alison McKleroy — the author of “The Self-Compassion Journal: Prompts and Practices to Inspire Kindness in Your Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions.”

Alison is also a speaker, cognitive-behavioral therapist, artist, teacher. She is the founder of Center for Spark, a personal growth company committed to radiant well-being. Alison is passionate about empowering and inspiring people to come alive, live their brightest visions, and light up the world with love and joy.

Drawing from more than 15 years of clinical experience and training, Alison is wild about sharing wisdom and tools. She has helped thousands of people transform their lives through her books, courses, workshops, and retreats. Alison's work has been featured in major media outlets, including VeryWellMind, PyschCentral, and Medical News Today.

To learn more about Alison McKleroy and her work, please visit: alisonmckleroy.com and centerforspark.com










— This podcast is a quest for well-being, a quest for a meaningful life through the exploration of fundamental truths, enlightening ideas, insights on physical, mental, and spiritual health. The inspiration is Love. The aspiration is to awaken new ways of thinking that can lead us to a new way of being, being well.

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