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Hypnotherapy Helps You Drink Less And Live More

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— Many people who find Georgia’s website are searching for ‘Hypnotherapy for Alcohol Abuse‘, or How Do I Stop Drinking Alcohol?’ and ‘How to give up alcohol.’ They may have the belief that quitting is the only way forward... UNTIL NOW! You may feel you need to stop because you don’t trust yourself because of your history of drinking. However, Georgia can assure you that you have incredible resources within that can kickstart you into a painless, simple Drink Less journey. This is why her Ahead of the Game program sells all over the world. It’s the middle ground of drinking, where you discover how to drink less alcohol without the long winded, expensive and old-fashioned methods that just don't work. You may worry that you can’t be that person, but tens of thousands of people around the world - just like you have turbo charged their confidence in their ability to drink less with this  straight forward, no-nonsense alcohol reduction roadmap. Georgia knows you can experience these spectacular results even if you don’t believe it right now and remember this method is scientifically proven to work.

Valeria interviews Georgia Foster — she is a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Voice Dialogue Trainer.

Georgia qualified with distinction at The London College of Clinical Hypnosis in 1996. She also is trained in Voice Dialogue with the founders Hal & Sidra Stone, California 1994. She then went on to become one of the college’s senior lecturers before venturing out on her own to build her on-line products while running her busy London Clinic.

Georgia specializes is in alcohol reduction, emotional over-eating, self-esteem, anxiety and fertility issues. Her unique and highly successful approach has helped tens of thousands of people learn how to feel better emotionally and physically.

Georgia has published several books, including:

  • The Weight Less Mind
  • The Drink Less Mind
  • Drink Less in 7 Days
  • The 4 Secrets of Amazing Sex
  • The Stress Less Mind
  • The Fertile Mind

Her on-line programs are: 7 Days To Drink Less, Believing In You, Emotional Resilience Training, The Weight Less Mind and more. Georgia now resides in Melbourne, Australia with her partner Ian and triplet boys Ollie, Finn and Hugh. Georgia has been featured regularly in the media in Britain and Australia including Sky News, GMTV, The Morning Show, 3AW, 2GB, Psychologies Magazine, Good Housekeeping, just to name a few.

Georgia speaks regularly at conferences and networking events, as well as her own seminars in Australia, USA and the UK about the power of the mind and how negative thinking is a habit we can unlearn.

To learn more about Georgia Foster and her work, please visit: georgiafoster.com






— This podcast is a quest for well-being, a quest for a meaningful life through the exploration of fundamental truths, enlightening ideas, insights on physical, mental, and spiritual health. The inspiration is Love. The aspiration is to awaken new ways of thinking that can lead us to a new way of being, being well.

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