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How To Live Your Dreams and Enjoy Life More!

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— What if there was a way to escape corporate America with all the bells & whistles and income limitations by unleashing the Warrior Goddess that lies dormant within?

You can pour your passion into building a Legacy Asset as you immediately contribute to the household expenses.

That means no income limitations or ceilings and much deserved support and recognition for personal growth, contribution, and improvements mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Are you ready to get out of your own way and ask yourself: What else is possible for me?

Valeria interviews Jeanette Lowry  — She is a Transformational & Residual Income Coach in the Wellness/Natural Beauty space.

Jeanette Lowry is a mom of two adult kids and ‘nana‘ of one granddaughter. The past 33 years sha has spent working with women who want out of the ‘9-5 grind‘ and into a Home based - Virtual Business where they control their earning potential, well-being and time!

Aligning with a Brand Partner in the expansive Natural Health & Beauty markets allows a low-cost entry into starting a new business because the infrastructure and logistics are already in place.

Jeanette offers high energy, module based trainings inside her online Academy for Group and 1:1 Coaching Programs. She offers Free or Low cost Mini Webinars & Masterclasses monthly.

Her experience and wisdom (25,000 hours learning the subjects she coaches including; Mindset Mastery, Healthy Body Transformations, Social Media/Influencer Marketing/Team Building and all things Compensation /Earning potential which is what sets Jeanette apart from other coaches in her industry.

From the vast options for entrepreneurial ventures, Jeanette watched her father earn recurring income in the insurance industry...and she was sold on never working for someone else in her teens and needed ‘recurring income not hourly pay. She found the right industry and the company as she is magnetized to other ‘Goal Getters, Improvement Based, Servant Leadership type women she can meet, coach, and bring into her friendship circle for life!

Jeanette has experienced living for 20yrs+ on ‘recurring income‘ so the ability to leverage yourself with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, harnessing the buying power and earning potential from the collective of vast individuals is a game changer. Once you understand the power of Leveraged Income through Brand Partnership... you‘ll never look back.

To learn more about Jeanette Lowry and her work, please visit: https://www.jeanettelowry.com/

Also, download Jeanette’s FREE WORBOOK:

“Girl, Quit looking in the Rearview Mirror” https://bit.ly/GirlQuitlookingintheRearviewMirror

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