A Quest for Well-Being podcast

Healing Your Relationship With Food & Your Body

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— Wellness comes from knowing your core values and aligning your actions accordingly in a flexible yet intentional way that honors both the present moment and the bigger picture. It could mean noticing you are tired after a demanding week and need rest rather than a run. It could mean saying yes to a social engagement instead of more screen time. It could mean saying no to someone you care about because your own needs are not yet met.​ Wellness is broad and covers all areas of your life, including movement, nutrition, physical environment, relationships, spirituality, personal & professional growth, stress management, and more. Wellness is filtered through your thoughts, feelings, sensations, images, and perceptions to create your unique wellness story that may or may not be serving you. Jill can help you create clarity and ease in your wellness story to improve your health.

Valeria interviews Jill Yeiter  — she is a Wellness Coach with a Bachelor's in Lifestyle Management, and nearly two decades of experience helping others improve their health and feel better in their bodies by being both intentional and flexible. 

She lives in Wellington, NZ with her husband, son, and cat and enjoys nature, creating, and connecting.  Recently she has been featured in VERVE Magazine and has been spending time nurturing her business, Heal With Jill, specifically her current offering NOURISH which is a soul-nourishing program designed to help you heal your relationship with food and your body.

To learn more about Jill Yeiter and her work, please visit: healwithjill.com






— This podcast is a quest for well-being, a quest for a meaningful life through the exploration of fundamental truths, enlightening ideas, insights on physical, mental, and spiritual health. The inspiration is Love. The aspiration is to awaken new ways of thinking that can lead us to a new way of being, being well.

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