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Change And Spiritual Resilience

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— “Things are going to change, that change is going to come when we least expect it, and that change will happen for a rea-son, a reason that's there to serve our spiritual resilience.”  - Writes Adam

Valeria interviews Adam Markel — the author of Change Proof: Leveraging the Power of Uncertainty to Build Long-Term Resilience.

Bestselling author, keynote speaker, workplace expert and resilience researcher Adam Markel inspires leaders to master the challenges of massive disruption in his new book, Change Proof.

Adam is author of the #1 Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, and Publisher’s Weekly bestseller, “Pivot: The Art & Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life.” A leading international keynote speaker, he has reached tens of thousands worldwide with his message of resilience as the competitive edge in today’s complex markets. An attorney, entrepreneur, and transformational trainer, Adam is a sought-after business culture catalyst who inspires, empowers, and guides organizations and individuals to create sustainable, high-performance strategies.

Adam is also the CEO of More Love Media and host of The Change Proof podcast, where he shares his insights on pivoting and resilience in today's fast-paced market and interviews experts, innovators, and influencers in the areas of business and life.

Adam credits much of his success to the principles he learned during his 8 years as a Jones Beach lifeguard in New York. As a first responder in a life-and-death environment, he learned the importance of cultivating a high-performance capacity and impeccable teamwork. He’s found that the principles of this type of culture and leadership equally apply to any business that wants to build a competitive advantage to win.

After building a multi-million-dollar law firm, Adam pivoted his own career path to become CEO of one of the largest business and personal growth training companies in the world. Here he learned that motivation and inspiration alone are not enough to effectively utilize change; it’s about providing leaders, teams, and audiences with effective takeaways to sustain them over time.

To learn more about Adam Markel and his work, please visit: adammarkel.com








— This podcast is a quest for well-being, a quest for a meaningful life through the exploration of fundamental truths, enlightening ideas, insights on physical, mental, and spiritual health. The inspiration is Love. The aspiration is to awaken new ways of thinking that can lead us to a new way of being, being well. 

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