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Challenge Your Core Beliefs — Meet Your Authentic Self

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— It’s never too late to make changes that allow you to have a more meaningful and fulfilling life that reflects who you really are and let go of an image that was created before you even had a chance to get to know yourself.

Valeria interviews Kristen Holbrook — She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in Coquitlam, BC.

Prior to obtaining her Master’s in Counselling Psychology, Kristen worked for several years in the helping profession and completed her degree in Psychology. She has always had a desire to work with others and a fascination with understanding what drives people to think, feel, and behave in the ways that they do.  Since becoming a counsellor, Kristen has counselled in an agency that specializes in trauma and abuse as well as treatment centers counselling those with concurrent disorders. Kristen established her Private Practice, Kristen Holbrook Counselling, in 2016 where she works with adults, youth, and couples treating a wide array of presenting issues. She has since expanded her Practice to include a team of counsellors with varying specialties. Throughout Kristen’s career, she has continued her education through workshops and has received her certification in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).  Kristen uses a variety of therapeutic modalities to help her clients work through their presenting issues, resolve past trauma, and break free of unhelpful patterns to reach their highest potential and live more fulfilling lives. Outside of work, Kristen is married and is a mother of two. 

To learn more about Kristen Holbrook and her work, please visit: https://www.kristenholbrook.com/







— This podcast is a quest for well-being, a quest for a meaningful life through the exploration of fundamental truths, enlightening ideas, insights on physical, mental, and spiritual health. The inspiration is Love. The aspiration is to awaken new ways of thinking that can lead us to a new way of being, being well. 

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