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A Successful Family: A Home With a Sense of Peace, Joy, Warmth, & Love

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— Through Jim’s passion for personal development and family enrichment, he was discovering and putting into practice the principles, values and beliefs that make a life full of peace, joy, purpose and love possible. Twenty years ago he wrote s definition of a “successful family”  — A successful family is one whose members speak with respect, honor difference, provide a nurturing environment, empower each other, and truly enjoy being together. They have a knack for really enjoying and appreciating the good times, while at the same time, they can effectively deal with any difficult issues that come their way. There is a sense of peace, joy, warmth, and love within their home. While Jim’s family doesn’t always meet this definition, they experience it more often than not. Most importantly, when they start to drift away from this ideal or they are confronted with a new obstacle, Jim knows how to lead them back. Now, he finds himself at a point in his life where he is being called to share what he has learned during his life as a father and a husband so Jim founded the Family Enrichment Academy as a vehicle to fulfill this calling. The mission of The Family Enrichment Academy is to share 40 years of lessons and hard-earned wisdom. To empower parents to be the hero within their families. To teach the principles, values and beliefs that will lead to a life and a family full of peace, joy, warmth, and love. Jim’s first priority is to guide families along their second journey - the journey of fulfillment. His lifetime of study and experience as a husband and parent has taught him that this is where miracles happen!

Valeria interviews Jim White — He is the author of  “How To Be The Parent Your Teenager Needs You To Be: Without All Of The Fighting, Frustration, Or Fear Of Doing It Wrong.”

Jim White is an author, coach and founder of the Family Enrichment Academy. He has been married for 40 years and has 6 children as well as 12 grandchildren. His background as a family enrichment coach and life experience provide a unique perspective on parenthood. His book How to Be the Parent Your Teenager Needs You to Be is his second book on parenting.

To learn more about Jim White and his work, please visit: https://www.familyenrichmentacademy.com

Here is a gift from Jim to you:


Jim offers an insightful resource for listeners. One of the biggest challenges parents face is getting their teens to open up and talk. This PDF provides 10 Questions to never ask because they are conversation killers. Also included, are 10 great questions... conversation starters.

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