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A Little Bit of Balegde

A Little Bit of Balegde

Hello you beautiful gozzers. You might know me for whatever reason, and it's bloody brought you here so isn't that lovely! If I was to describe this podcast I would say: Chaotic. I hope you have a bloody good time listening to it, and welcome to a Little bit of Balegde!!

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  • A Little Bit of Balegde podcast

    9: Little bit Divina Decampo!


    I have an announcement for you lot on this episode... also- Divina Bloody DeCampo is on the pod!! We have such funny and intelligent chats and I can't wait for you all to hear it!!
  • A Little Bit of Balegde podcast

    8: Little bit GLEE (feat. my sister)


    I'm finally bloody doing it and it's literally my favourite episode ever!!! Not to mention it features my sister and we grew up watching glee together- there are no two greater experts. Such fun!!
  • A Little Bit of Balegde podcast

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  • A Little Bit of Balegde podcast

    7: Little bit Drunk (feat. BFF)


    In this episode I speak about getting drunk, and then I get really drunk. I'm a big fat mess. Enjoy!
  • A Little Bit of Balegde podcast

    6: Little Bit Confidence


    Do you want to learn how I possess the confidence to be this openly tragic for the world to see? Listen to this lovely episode.
  • A Little Bit of Balegde podcast

    5: My Mental Health Struggles


    The tone of this episode is slightly different. I'm extremely  open and honest with you as I always am, but this time I'm discussing a more dark personal side because it is okay to talk about bad times too. Sorry if it's too deep. Love you all lots x
  • A Little Bit of Balegde podcast

    4: Little bit Lucy Edwards!


    Hello lovely people! Lucy Edwards, the iconic brain behind our smash it song "Jar" is joining me today, and I cannot tell you how incredible and fascinating our conversation is. It's a real eye opener and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to sit down with such a legend. I'm sure you'll all love it!
  • A Little Bit of Balegde podcast

    3: Little Bit Nosebleedfitz


    Hello you bloody star I hope you like Bella as much as I do because the entire episode is just me and her having a right old chat. I can confirm she is an absolutely lovely and intelligent person who deserves the entire world and will no doubt obtain it. Have a little listen if you have a spare 2 hours xx
  • A Little Bit of Balegde podcast

    2: Little Bit Tia Kofi & Internet Trolls


    Hello! This week I discussed internet trolls and why the f*ck they think they have a right to do what they do. Then I got to sit down with the incredibly thoroughly extremely iconic Tia Kofi to discuss her time both before Drag Race UK, and basically just have a chat. She is so cool.
  • A Little Bit of Balegde podcast

    1: Little Bit Cheryl Hole!


    It's season bloody 2!! I cannot wait to chat with you all again and introduce you to some bloody unreal guests. This episode has the iconic Cheryl Hole and it's so much fun!!!! Literally buzzing to be back with you all.
  • A Little Bit of Balegde podcast

    19: Little bit Birthday!!!!


    It's my bloody birthday!! Well, kind of. I speak about last birthdays, but i'm not gonna lie I mostly just have a catch up with you because I missed you last week- so enjoy.

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