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Hall of Fame: Chris Orlob Ep. 123

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FOUR ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS Ask your inbound leads what prompted them to take the call. Start your calls with outbound leads by calling out that they might not know what you do and explaining the problems you solve. Then make the transition into discovery.  Categorize buyers’ answers into problem language or solutions language. Buyers often answer “problem” questions with solutions, so ensure you get the problem language. Avoid discovery fatigue with a mix of emotionally intelligent techniques. (Examples: quick customer stories, summarizing, questions) PATH TO PRESIDENT’S CLUB Co-Founder & CEO @ Stealth Startup Director of Sales & Go-To-Market @ Gong Co-Founder & CEO @ Conversature Regional Sales Manager - New Business @ InsideSales.com  RESOURCES DISCUSSED Join our weekly newsletter Things you can steal

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