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223 (Sell) Unconventional Approaches to Cold Calling (Matthew Mazankowski, Boomerang

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Free Guide: 3 Tactics to Drive Mid-Funnel Deals to Close FOUR ACTIONABLE SALES TAKEAWAYS Do not spend excessive time researching when sometimes calling the account may be the fastest way to get information Be like the restaurant that is calling you to make a reservation to avoid no shows, send reminders, and set an agenda ahead of time When telling a customer story describe the persona who felt the problem, the annoyances they felt, the scenery they were in when they felt the problem, and the emotions they felt If confirming a meeting within one week send a reminder the day before if confirming a meeting more than a week out do a 1 week and day before reminder PATH TO PRESIDENT’S CLUB VP of Sales @ Boomerang Chief Revenue Officer @ Table Needs VP of Fundraising & Business Development @ Table Needs Head of Sales & Business Development @ Table Needs RESOURCES DISCUSSED Join our weekly newsletter Things you can steal

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