30 Minutes to President's Club | No-Nonsense Sales podcast

222 (Lead) Coaching SDR Teams and SDR Leaders (Melissa Lui, AirGarage)

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FOUR ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS Structure your SDR 1:1 as follows, start with their agenda and what's top of mind for them, then do a pipe review for accounts they intend to book, then review a good & bad call, finally talk about their career goals Set the expectation with your SDR they need to drive the agenda from onboarding onwards Do a SDR forecast by reviewing cold (not contacted), warm (contacted and qualified), and hot (contacted, qualified, and some interest) Train team on process, probing, and provoking GAP Questions by asking them to write down all the problems their buyers may be facing, then work backwards to outline the questions they can ask to uncover them PATH TO PRESIDENT’S CLUB Head of Sales Development @ AirGarage Director of Sales Development @ ServiceTitan Senior Sales Manager @ ServiceTitan Sales Development Manager @ ServiceTitan Sales Development Manager @ ChowNow RESOURCES DISCUSSED Read: Join our weekly newsletter Steal: Templates, drips, scripts

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