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221 (Lead) Cloning Your Top Reps by Identifying What Good Looks Like (Kevin "KD" Dorsey)

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FOUR ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS When working with reps and trying to help them improve, work backwards from what you want to the prospect to say then build what they need to do to get them to say that Coach forward vs. backwards, coach to prepare so that future performance will be better and they feel more prepared for actual scenarios approaching Have each one "What Great Looks Like" exercise per manager per quarter, pick one metric, find the rep who is the best at that, then diagnose the different behaviours they exhibit to adopt across the rest of your team Use the "Four Ds" to roll out WGLL across your team - define what good looks like, document it, demonstrate it with training, and deliberately practice it by scoring reps performing the new tactics on calls PATH TO PRESIDENT’S CLUB SVP of Sales and Partnerships @ Bench Accounting Practice Lead, Revenue Leadership @ Winning by Design VP of Inside Sales @ PatientPop Inc. Head of Sales Enablement & Development @ ServiceTitan VP of Sales @ SnackNation RESOURCES DISCUSSED Read: Join our weekly newsletter Steal: Templates, drips, scripts Watch: How to get an accurate picture of your team's pipeline ft. KD Listen: How to build a winning sales team ft. KD KD's past episodes: Build a Winning Sales Team Discovery Part 1 Discovery Part 2 Getting Prospects to Agree to Their Problem

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