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218 (Lead) Rep Shadowing & Ridealongs Done Right (Paul Canty, Pulley)

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FOUR ACTIONABLE LEADERSHIP TAKEAWAYS Shadowing to remind yourself and your reps of the basics to spot opportunity areas Setting a goal without a "how" is not a real goal, you have to understand how a rep is going to reach the goal while setting them Always level with reps before you shadow a call to clarify the role they want you to play on the call & tell them what you hope Use "Mr.Potato Head" personalization to ramp reps from generic persona based personalizaiton, to trigger based personalization, to full email personalization PATH TO PRESIDENT’S CLUB Head of Sales @ Pulley Senior Manager, New Business Sales @ Lattice Director of Sales Development @ Lattice Head of Sales Development @ Lattice RESOURCES DISCUSSED Join our weekly newsletter Things you can steal

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