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216 (Lead) Enterprise Pipeline Reviews & Deal Planning (Greg Baumann, Outreach)

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FOUR ACTIONABLE LEADERSHIP TAKEAWAYS Ask your reps to think about the "first win" they can make with a large account Look for "Alumni" who have recently left key accounts who might be able to make introductions or provide information for your reps to use Have your reps record "Last Activity" and "Next Meeting" on their opportunities so you can quickly scan through your dashboard and see which deals are at risk and need more attention If your team have opportunities with next steps far into the future ask "did the rep follow up and did they get a response?" if the answer is no more work is needed PATH TO PRESIDENT’S CLUB Director of Enterprise Sales, National @ Outreach Enterprise Sales Director, East @ Outreach Strategic Account Executive @ Outreach Territory Sales Executive @ Sitecore RESOURCES DISCUSSED Join our weekly newsletter Things you can steal

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