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211 (Sell) Using Your Comp Plan to Guide Deal Negotiation (Jacob Karp, Rubrik)

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FOUR ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS Break into prospects when they are speaking at conferences. If you see somebody from the really-tough-to-break-into account speaking at a conference, go to their talk and sit in that talk. At the end, introduce yourself to the speaker and make a point of connection with them. Avoid name-dropping obscure customers. When you are prospecting into more sensitive industries, don't name-drop non-publicly referenceable customers. Your goal is to get into the talk-to folder. You want to be in that folder so that they know who to contact when something bad happens. Think creatively with your outreach. We are not just limited to emails and phone calls and DMs. Be present where they're coming together. PATH TO PRESIDENT’S CLUB Strategic Enterprise Sales @ Rubrick, Inc. Strategic Enterprise Sales @ People.ai Enterprise Sales @ App Dynamics Enterprise Sales @ Xactly Corp RESOURCES DISCUSSED Join our weekly newsletter Things you can steal

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