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208 (Lead) Why Your SDR Team Should Be Pipe Gen Forecasting (Maya Connet, Clari)

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FOUR ACTIONABLE LEADERSHIP TAKEAWAYS Booked meetings over the last 2 quarters times conversion rate = early quarter forecast for SDRs. There's a top-down financial plan and a bottoms-up forecast. Use that to calibrate the SDR team on exactly what they need to attack to hit their number but ensure we don't put pressure on the AE team when they walk into quarters with low coverage. Everyone has to forecast at top of funnel. Marketing, SDR, even the account directors should have top of funnel quotas to meet. All of those roll up into one big bottoms-up forecast that tell you if you're gonna hit your number in three months. How you leave the batter's box matters. Make SDR forecasting easier by getting half of your meetings on the books already. After the third objection, have your SDRs tell the prospect that they’ll reach out again in 30 days and have them send a five minute hold as a reminder. They will enter the next month. PATH TO PRESIDENT’S CLUB VP of Inside Sales @ Clari Global Head of Inside Sides and Revenue Development @ Clari Director of Sales @ Clari Enterprise Sales Director, West @ Clari RESOURCES DISCUSSED Join our weekly newsletter Things you can steal

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