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206 (Lead) Implementing a Concession Approval Matrix & Framework (Ross Shanken, Multiplier)

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FOUR ACTIONABLE LEADERSHIP TAKEAWAYS Effective Monday Team Meetings. Add an element of fun to your Monday meetings. Follow the framework: Connect, Learn, Communicate, and Prioritize. Tuning Your Discount Matrix. Look at your current avg. discount, then make the matrix a bit better. Get a little incremental revenue out of improving discounting. The multi-Year Deal Grid. Show where a customer’s cost might change as they grow / shrink. But don’t pre-agree to growth. Speedy Meetings Are Better Meetings. Consider starting all of your meetings at the :05 mark to avoid perpetual call delays and unfocused discussions. PATH TO PRESIDENT’S CLUB VP of Sales @ Multiplier Limited Partner @ GTMfund Head of Sales, New Products @ Lattice Director of Sales, Strategic & Corporate @ Lattice RESOURCES DISCUSSED Join our weekly newsletter Things you can steal

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