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205 (Sell) How To Brief Your Exec Before A Sales Call (Caitlin Zylstra, Deel)

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Caitlin’s Checklist to Brief Your Execs Before Calls: www.30mpc.com/newsletter/checklist-to-brief-your-execs-before-sales-calls FOUR ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS Explain things in your customer’s language. Adapt data and demos to how the customer works and thinks. Involve your champion in every customer touchpoint because they will help share context and help be your co-quarterback for the deal. Ask your buyer to correct you. When you get to the point of the sale where you’re walking through next steps for evaluation, be ok with being corrected. Go beyond the basics when an internal call partner joins your meeting. Ask questions specific to them - their business challenges, or what does success look like for them. PATH TO PRESIDENT’S CLUB Enterprise Account Executive @ Deel Enterprise Revenue Director @ Clari Mid-Market Revenue Director @ Clari Commercial Revenue Director @ Clari RESOURCES DISCUSSED Join our weekly newsletter Things you can steal

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