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192 (Sell) Secrets to Break Into Top-Tier Accounts with Product-Led Growth (Andrew Johnston, Superhuman)

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Get 1 month of Superhuman on us here: https://tactics.30mpc.com/superhuman FOUR ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAYS Do not enter a pilot or a POC without setting clear success criteria with your customer. The way that you should present the success criteria is to figure out what matters to your customer. Break your accounts and prospects into high-usage and low-usage groups. Coach up your low-usage team, and just ask your high-usage group “How can we get this into the hands of other people.” Consolidate your bill for people in different departments and consolidate the team for prospects in the same department. PATH TO PRESIDENT’S CLUB Head of Sales @ Superhuman Director of Sales @ Scale AI Head of Global Email (SendGrid) Sales & GTM @ Twilio Manager, Enterprise Sales @ Twiliio RESOURCES DISCUSSED Join our weekly newsletter Things you can steal

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