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190 (Lead) How to Rip Through 10 Calls in a 30 Minute Sales Coaching Session (Sean Gentry @ Webflow)

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FOUR ACTIONABLE LEADERSHIP TAKEAWAYS Spend 30 minutes BEFORE your 1:1's figuring out what you want to coach on Start with the metrics, then use the metrics to figure out what parts of the call you should listen to. Only listen to the parts of a call recording that matter. You can rip through 10 calls if you’re only reviewing the next steps in the last 5 minutes. Double back on the mock discovery. Your most coachable reps will nail the 2nd try in the interview. PATH TO PRESIDENT’S CLUB Sr. Manager, Corporate Sales @ Webflow Course Instructor & Founding Member @ pclub.io Customer-Led Growth Advisor @ Catalyst Software Dir. of Sales @ Outreach RESOURCES DISCUSSED Join our weekly newsletter Things you can steal

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