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Episode 71: Special Guest, Marianne Eloise (Writer, Journalist and Author)

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On todays episode I have the lovely Marianne Eloise. Marianne is a writer and journalist who lives in Brighton in the UK. She writes about things such as TV, wellness, disability, film, business, digital culture, sex and alt music for outlets including The Cut, The New York Times, Courier, Dazed, Vulture, i-D and the Guardian to name a few both in print and online. 

Marianne also writes copy, branded and native content and newsletters for brands, artists and companies including Paramount, Universal, Sony and more. Now if you are thinking that you recognise Marianne's name it might be due to her brilliant essay collection titled 'Obsessive, Intrusive, Magical Thinking' which is out everywhere now, recently in paperback too and I'll pop links in the show description. I’ve recently finished reading it and it’s a culmination of a life spent obsessing, offering a glimpse into Marianne's brain and her inner thoughts. Marianne's Links: 'Obsessive, Intrusive, Magical Thinking' book: https://www.waterstones.com/books/search/term/obsessive+intrusive+magical+thinking+marianne+eloise Website: https://www.marianneeloise.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/marianne_eloise Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marianneeloise

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