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Ep 71 - A Discussion with Paul Tremblay

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Literary rock star Paul Tremblay joins me on the latest episode. We talk about the trajectory of his career, telling small stories in big worlds, ambiguity in horror, and more!

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  • Wyrd Transmissions podcast

    Ep. 73 - A Discussion with Kevin Lucia


    Author Kevin Lucia joins me to discuss his new collection of Halloween stories, editing his first anthology, world-building, approaching horror as an author of faith, and much more.
  • Wyrd Transmissions podcast

    Ep. 72 - Totalitarianism, Monsters, and the power of Words with Elana Gomel


    Elana Gomel is one of the most fascinating people I have ever had the pleasure to speak with. Elana, an accomplished academic and award-winning author, grew up in the Soviet Union where her mother was a political dissident. We discuss her new book LITTLE SISTER from Crystal Lake Press, growing up in and fleeing the USSR, balancing the academic examination of fiction with writing her own stories, writing as a multi-linguist, the power of words, and more!Episode links - LITTLE SISTER on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Little-Sister-Friendship-Monsters-Soviet-era-ebook/dp/B09HXT4MCP/Elana Gomel Official - https://www.citiesoflightanddarkness.com/Sponsored Link - DEVIL'S NIGHT Limited Edition Hardcover - https://www.weirdhousepress.com/product/devils-night/DEVIL'S NIGHT on Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Devils-Night-Curtis-M-Lawson-ebook/dp/B09C2Q6FG1
  • Wyrd Transmissions podcast

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  • Wyrd Transmissions podcast

    Ep 71 - A Discussion with Paul Tremblay


    Literary rock star Paul Tremblay joins me on the latest episode. We talk about the trajectory of his career, telling small stories in big worlds, ambiguity in horror, and more!Episode links - https://www.paultremblay.net/Sponsored Link - Talia by Daniel Volpe - https://www.amazon.com/Talia-Daniel-J-Volpe/dp/B093KG5XYL
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    Ep. 70 - The Art of Horror with Lynne Hansen


    Celebrated cover artist and illustrator Lynne Hansen joins me to discuss artwork, horror, visual marketing, and more. Episode Links - COMMISSIONS: www.LynneHansenArt.com INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/lynnehansenart TWITTER: www.twitter.com/LynneHansenArt FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/LynneHansenArtYOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/channel/UCoTieWu3ZPOPbwTkOPsFH_w Sign up for Lynne’s list and get a free Creepy Calendar: https://view.flodesk.com/pages/5efe25b6caabca0028bcc49dZenfolio | Lynne Hansen Art - Horror Book Cover Artistlynnehansen.zenfolio.com
  • Wyrd Transmissions podcast

    EP. 69 - Pornography as Art


    Adult film star and producer Samantha Mack and Bizarro erotica author Dani "The Queen of Filth" Brown join me to discuss the concept of pornography as art. We get into where the line between porn and art lies (and if there is one), exploring human needs, desires, and experience through art, distinguishing between fantasy and reality, and much more. Episode links: Samantha Mack movies- https://mackmovies.com/https://alterotic.com/warningthesamanthamack_ on instagramDani Brown official site - https://danibrownqueenoffilth.weebly.com/Sponsored Links:Devil's Night special edition: https://www.weirdhousepress.com/product/devils-night/Devil's Night paperback and ebook: https://www.amazon.com/Devils-Night-Curtis-M-Lawson-ebook/dp/B09C2Q6FG1
  • Wyrd Transmissions podcast

    Ep. 68 - Filmmaking and Rewilding with Randal Plunkett


    Randal Plunkett is a filmmaker, conservationist, and the 21st Baron of Dunsany. He joins me to talk about his new film The Green Sea, his efforts to rewild his ancestral land, his family heritage, heavy metal, and more!Episode links - The Green Sea trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9hbXEoGZw8&t=10sRandal Plunkett's social mediaFacebook - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063766207889&show_switched_toast=trueTwitter - https://twitter.com/RandalPlunkettInstagram - https://www.instagram.com/randal_plunkett/Dunsany Nature Reserve social media:Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/dunsanynaturereserve-105111707877941Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/dunsanynaturereserve/Sponsored Links: Devil's Night special edition - https://www.weirdhousepress.com/product/devils-night/Devil's Night Kindle and paperback - https://www.amazon.com/Devils-Night-Curtis-M-Lawson-ebook/dp/B09C2Q6FG1
  • Wyrd Transmissions podcast

    Ep. 67- Eroticism in Horror


    Authors Jeffrey Thomas, Regina Watts, and Gregor Xane join me in this panel-style discussion about the uses of erotic horror and the role that sex can play in horror fiction. We discuss how sex can be used to intensify character development, set the tone of a story, or warped to create fear or disgust. We also talk about censorship and the stigma of sexually explicit art. Episode Links - Jeffrey Thomas - https://www.amazon.com/Jeffrey-Thomas/e/B000APMJZ4Gregor Xane- https://www.amazon.com/Gregor-Xane/e/B00H2R53EMRegina Watts - https://www.amazon.com/Regina-Watts/e/B088F2FC3VSponsored Links -DEVIL'S NIGHT ebook and paperback - https://www.amazon.com/Devils-Night-Curtis-M-Lawson-ebook/dp/B09C2Q6FG1DEVIL'S NIGHT special edition - https://www.weirdhousepress.com/product/devils-night/
  • Wyrd Transmissions podcast

    EP 66. The Weird and Noir with Laird Barron


    Laird Barron joins me on the latest episode. This is a long one and we cover A LOT of ground. We talk about his childhood in Alaska, his history as a writer, writing in multiple genres, the pre-Christian heroic archetype, and much more!Episode links- https://lairdbarron.wordpress.com/Sponsored links-https://www.amazon.com/Mr-Cannyharme-Novel-Lovecraftian-Terror-ebook/dp/B0982F4C5Khttps://www.hippocampuspress.com/other-authors/fiction/mr.-cannyharme?zenid=oj54phsotgclf70o16a39j9u92
  • Wyrd Transmissions podcast

    Ep. 65 - Art and Health with Alexandria Noël


    Visual artist Alexandria Noël joins me on the latest episode of Wyrd Transmissions. We go deep into her artistic process, turning your passion into a business, and her fitness brand Train Till Death.Episode Links - https://www.facebook.com/thealexandrianoel/ www.alexandrianoel.com https://www.facebook.com/traintilldeath/ www.traintilldeath.comSponsored Link - https://www.amazon.com/Oblivion-Flux-Collection-Cyber-Prose-ebook/dp/B097NHZVD4
  • Wyrd Transmissions podcast

    Ep. 64 - Monsters, Bizarro, and Beyond with Cody Goodfellow


    I talk with author, editor, and actor Cody Goodfellow for 2 hours in the newest episode. We discuss his latest offering, The Flying None, his love of monsters, the nature of bizarro fiction, corporate-sponsored "iconoclasm", the line between appropriation and cosmopolitan art, and much more.Episode Links: https://www.codygoodfellow.com/Sponsored Link: https://www.weirdhousepress.com/product/devils-night/

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